Advanced Game Systems

Most regular REKT game systems are fairly easy to learn and play. You have your Stats, Skills, and the dice rolls. You have items you carry on foot, and items that go on your ship. But what if you want to go a little farther? What if you're looking for new systems that pose a greater challenge, or could open up more avenues of character customization and development?

This is where Advanced Game Systems come in. These are carefully tailored, fully modular systems that can be included in any REKT game at the GM's discretion. They will mesh neatly with any of the other systems already in play, and excluding them is as simple as saying, "We do not have the appropriate equipment available." They are, however, intended for advanced players that have a solid grasp of the core game systems, and fully understand how the stats and story intertwine in REKT, and how they play off each other. Introducing systems like these to newer players may trip them up a good deal.

Battle Drugs

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In the year 3152, specialized drugs are available for use in combat. Most of these were invented back during the Galactic Cleansing, and few of them are strictly "legal", but we'll give them out like candy if you're willing to pay for them! Excluding them from your system is as simple as saying that your location is in a drug-free zone, or that Tartarus Inc. has temporarily banned them from a particular floor of the Tartarus.

The Battle Drug system is meant to provide something substantial for players that are looking for a darker, grittier experience out of REKT. They are quite versatile and not particularly overpowered if the entire group decides to utilize them. If the players are roleplaying a group of characters that grew up in a street gang together, for instance, most of them may be used to taking them. Battle Drugs are also good at providing penalties if necessary during character creation - for instance, you and a player may jointly decide to give their character an addiction to Psycho in exchange for an extra starting level.

Battle drugs have a range of beneficial effects - mostly in the form of stat increases. Some, such as Berserk, can give up to +3 to a stat. Others have much smaller effects, but all of them provide something positive. The real fun in them comes from the negative side effects. Taking multiple drugs in rapid succession provides a chance for various overdose effects, while most drugs also have a wide array of possible side effects as well. These are largely designed to be fun for players to roleplay, with significant enough side effects to keep them from doing it too often. If they do, they'll get to roleplay the side effects, which range from small things such as headaches, to larger things such as paranoia or delusions. If a character takes too many drugs over a prolonged period of time, they may become addicted to one of them, which grants a new range of effects to roleplay - or, alternatively, they can escape it simply by taking another drug of the type they're addicted to.

All drugs have a history behind them with common knowledge that can be included in roleplay or the story.

Biomech Systems

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Biomechs are a staple of the REKT universe. It's not uncommon to see them stomping along off in the distance on a typical battlefield - a 2.5-meter mechanical titan with the head of a man. They were first created during the Galactic Cleansing, and the use of them is what eventually won the war for humanity by the simple fact that it is the only way an infantry unit can carry and use ship-type weapons - obviously a massive advantage in any situation! Becoming a biomech is a permanent procedure, and while a biomeched character can transfer back into a "shell" body to regain human form, they typically don't stay there for long.

The Biomech System mechanics are mostly oriented towards players that want something louder and flashier than a typical REKT game. They do not add too much overall to story, but they do introduce a great deal in terms of mixing up the usual attack-and-cover combat system. Unlike Battle Drugs, they are only intended as a supplement: if you have a squad of five players, it would not be a good idea for all of them to become biomechs; it would severely impair the squad's ability to function. Fortunately, usually only a smaller fraction of experienced players possess characters that are open to the idea of becoming biomechs, so as long as your players are experienced, this should not be a problem.

All biomechs are not created equal, and players have the opportunity to customize them to a great degree. To begin, there are three main types of biomech: Light, Normal, and Heavy. Light has fewer penalties and bonuses, while Heavy has more penalties and bonuses. After deciding on their base mech type, the player may begin choosing the rest of their mech's abilities. Each mech must take at least X number of Flaw pips, and up to X number of Upgrade pips. This produces a well-rounded and balanced experience, and as the game progresses, the player may choose to unlock new upgrades for their mech, or fix older flaws, using "Upgrade Points" which they may purchase for the price of 3000 creds each.

The great majority of Flaws and Upgrades are things that do not directly affect stats and skills - however, becoming a mech does offer the opportunity to upgrade the more physical of stats. Flaws include things ranging from an inability to catch or throw objects, to a disability to use cover. Upgrades range from maneuvering jets, to aux slots, to increased weapon capacity.

Custom Aliens

Main Article: Custom Aliens
Sometimes you want to make their own alien. If this module is included in a campaign, you can use this page to create your own. Be aware that this isn't going to make you OP, and will probably give you a slight disadvantage compared to everyone else. It WILL, however, let you customize your character greatly by inventing a new minor species.

Illegal Augments

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Quantum Abilities

Main article: Quantum Abilities
Quantum abilities are abilities that are granted when a particular user comes in contact with a Quantum Orb. Quantum abilities are intended almost purely for roleplay, and unless your story directly involves the Quantums, it may not seem particularly useful to you, or your players. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you showcase the Quantums in some way while using this system.

Quantum Orbs are (or were) the Quantums' primary method of interacting with our world, and are essentially holes in spacetime - a permanently-open one-way portal from their universe to ours. They are able to mark a potential host using these orbs: touch one releases a swarm of nanobots that enter the user's brain and craft several advanced technical devices that may also provide the user with methods of manipulating spacetime and the multiverse. If you would like to craft a very deep, complex sci-fi story, this is an excellent way to go about doing it while staying canon.

Abilities here are almost purely story-focused, and are mostly products of manipulating the multiverse. Some of them grant the ability to do things such as "looking forwards in time" very slightly, by temporarily showing the character a parallel universe that is ever-so-slightly ahead of ours. Others may permit the user to see, or even step into, alternate universes, or they may permit people to take and remove them. Other abilities provide the knowledge to understand and translate the Quantum language, both in written and verbal form, and still others permit you to interact with ever-shifting multidimensional Quantum control panels.

When using it in your system, you may choose to simply include it as a reward at the end of a mission - you could find one on a quantum ship, or in an ancient cave system, or it might have been collected by enemy units for research purposes. Alternatively, you might decide that Tartarus Inc. has manufactured one for the purpose of use, and players may either use it by default once per mission, or you may decide to put a price on using it. The choice is up to you.