Anatomical Upgrades

If any of these get destroyed, you'll have to buy your own replacements (unless specifically stated otherwise). We're also perfectly capable of removing existing limbs to apply new ones. However, you will not be reimbursed for removed parts.
Pieces are:

  • Left leg
  • Right leg
  • Left arm
  • Right Arm
  • Torso
  • Head

0 creds - Replacement Bodypart

Sting like a butterfly, sink like a rock. Built more for economy than durability, these pseudo-robotic pieces of scrap are even more delicate than the limbs you start out with. If you're missing one of those, though, this is what you want to replace it with - otherwise you'll be short a limb on your next mission. Then again, you'll probably just break this again anyway. Note: Warranty void if you look at it the wrong way.
Does not fit in suits.

300 creds each - Grown Bodypart

Yes, grown. We can grow these things from stem cells, shape them to roughly match the rest of your physique, and then apply them. It's a costly process, but if you're really so attached to your detached limbs, we're sure you'll find it worth the expense. It must be pretty depressing to know that your entire body is only worth 1800 credits, though. Note: Requires you to have at least one human bodypart remaining. Incompatible with aliens.

500 creds each - Armored Bodypart

Live your childhood dream of being Superman with these specially-designed robotic limbs. Far tougher than their replacement counterparts, these things give you a significant enough boost to your durability that you could almost take on a bullet swarm without flinching - provided you could get them all to hit that one particular limb, anyway.
Does not fit in suits.

1000 creds each - Cyborg Bodypart

You always wanted to be a cyborg. This complicated mesh of biology and machinery gives you all the advantages of armor and all the advantages of flesh - with all of the consequences. Your skin and flesh will be intertwined with electronics, sensors, motors and armor plating. Medics will be able to work on you again, adjusting your fine-tuned, self-repairing circuitry, and children will hold you in awe. Be one with the flesh. Be one with the machine. Be a cyborg.

1000 creds each - Tentacle Limb

There are any number of reasons you could want this. I'm not going to ask why. While weaker than armored parts and less reparable than cyborg parts, tentacle limbs have a significant advantage on the battlefield: they are completely interchangeable with each other, and can serve as hands or feet at your discretion. And before you ask: they do not serve as replacements or extensions for other certain bodyparts.
Does not fit in suits.