A page for the most memorable anecdotes about things that happen in the REKT universe, specifically with player involvement (although it doesn't have to be entirely so). If you have favorite stories, add them here so they'll never be forgotten! This page is for canon in-session stories only. Backstory does not count.

Table of Contents

Frank and the Chair

Following BTE Mission 1, Caleb pissed Saoirse off by making disparaging comments about prosthetic limbs - prosthetic limbs being something Saoirse has had to live with ever since a terrible accident that occurred very early in her life. Having grown up on a planet where prosthetic limbs were considered strange, she had quite often been bullied about it, and did not take kindly to Caleb's opinions. Caleb, high off his ass on painkillers, didn't have a clue that she was upset, and tried to sit down with her in the mess hall. This did not go well, for obvious reasons; Saoirse scooted away from him. Caleb felt hurt, and that sets the stage.

At precisely this opportune moment, Frank - a shy, nervous ex-janitor who is already a bit unsure of himself and upset for just having punched a squadmate in the teeth - shows up and asked if he could have a seat with them. Saoirse responds by shoving back a chair next to her (away from Caleb) and saying he should sit. Caleb, seeing this, pulls out a second chair next to him and offers Frank this seat. Frank is now trapped in a choice between which squadmate he should favor - essentially being used as a pawn by the feuding pair. Saoirse relents, fortunately, and offers him the seat between herself and Caleb, and Caleb thinks this is a fantastic compromise. He pats the chair as well - and Saoirse's prosthetic hand. Saoirse withdraws it very awkwardly and pointedly.

In the meantime, Frank is standing here trying to decide if he should sit on the either side of one of them (meaning he earns the dislike of the other), ignore them completely, or place himself right in the middle of their feud as a prime target for crossfire. Across the room, Vynkor attempts to give him a way out by offering him a fourth seat - which just makes the poor guy even more nervous and upset. There is no way to win.

Across the table from Caleb and Saoirse, it should be noted that Gene is eating his meal and normally would not give a flying fuck about all the drama, but it's starting to upset his meal a bit, so he offers a bit of conversation that (thank FSM) leads to Caleb and Saoirse apologizing to each other. Frank finally gets to sit down between them and eat his meal in peace - or would, if he hadn't lost his appetite in the process.