Armory To-Add List


For this mission



StickyGooTM Shell (for blunderbuss)

Consider this in the research list. ~Tal
A ceramic cylinder containing pressurised StickyGooTM. Breached on impact, it covers 5 to 10 square metres of terrain, immobilising anything that was there.
T: Fine with it. Not overpowered, could come in handy. I would also add that you can stick things to it and it's really tough. Might let you get creative with it.
Tal, March 16th 2017: I like this. This should be a thing. Should it be a thing right away? I have no idea. But it should be a thing.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Delicious. Add ASAP




Personal shield unit

This is in the research list. Can be accelerated. ~Tal
Gives your ship a personal shield that will soak up some shots before going down.
When down, will take several turns to recharge.
Note: turn this off before leaving your casket or you won't get in again.
Tal, March 16th 2017: It's in. How much does it cost? I don't remember. I think I mentioned it sometime while mission 3 was ongoing.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Oh, neat. Shield for a ship. Decent.
Dino: Squidhead found one in mission 3 but it never made it into the armoury

Approved (i.e. Dino doesn't know for when)


Gauss Cannon

Type: Heavy infantry conventional weapon. Requires two slots to equip.
Ammo: 5 round clip, first clip is free, extra clip costs ? credits
Requirements: Energy +2 and +2 conventional
Rolls: Conventional + Energy vs Maneuverability + Intuition
Price: ? creds
Description: With depleted Uranium tipped slugs, a calibrated sniper scope and a barrel thicker than my- actually nevermind that, this is the weapon you need when you want to show someone exactly what you think of them, by blowing a load right through their face. Like Cyanide to idiots, goats to research ships and pinwheels to squad 56, the Gauss Cannon is the perfect solution for your sorry ass. Use it, Love it, Worship it, and whatever you do you simple-minded piece of fecal matter, don't fire it inside your Casket. You're expendable, but think of the guy who'll have to pick pieces of you out of the air vents.
Very Big
Very Heavy
Very Deadly
Must be fired properly or recoil alone will turn your bones into a finely grinded paste
Not for Idiots, Pinwheel makers or goats.
Tal: After some tweaking, this sounds good to me.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Hmm, could be good. Sounds nice. Fills a gap.





Price: 5/6 creds?
  Ammo: 5 cartridges, 2 creds per extra set of 5
  Requirements: PSI +1
  Description: stands for Particle Uniformisation Device for Demolition and Interception with Nanobot Globules
A launcher for small nanobot globules programmed for a very specific purpose: turning enemies into goo. Literally. When they hit something, the nanobots will alter the molecular structure to an inflammable yellow non-newtonian fluid, gradually spreading through the enemy ship until they run out of power, at which point they will ignite and the affected parts will vaporise in a small flash. (flash might blind enemies, but does not deal notable explosive damage.)

  More details:
Transmutating armor is significantly slower but is possible with sufficient skill.
Keeps doing damage over turns: every turns it rolls PSI with a gradually raising difficulty modifier, the first turn you fail your roll it stops and ignites the goo.
Can deal a lot of damage if you have a lot of PSI
Limited ammo and takes several turns to reach its full potential, making it better fit for larger threats.
Compared to the nanomorph gun it’s more focused on damage and less on flexibility.
Tal: How could I not? May make slight tweaks. Would be in post-mission 1, of course.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Yeah, still going in, most likely.




Combat AI

Ammo: none
  Requirements: +2 aux, doesn't use an aux slot
  Description: Like the normal ship AI, except this one is actually able to attack enemies. Give it one of your guns and have fun destroying your enemies with a hailstorm of fire. Uses your stats and skills. Works better if you have turrets.
  Price: somewhere between 5 and 8 creds? :think:
Tal: This should be in. I like it. 5-8 creds seems fair, too - perhaps on the lower end.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Ooooh, yes. Definite must-have. We should add it. I'll add it to my to-do list I suppose.

Shield projector

This is in the research list. Can be accelerated. ~Tal
Project a small shield wherever you want. Use it to protect a teammate, trap an enemy, or even to let an enemy crash into it!
Note: shield is unpenetrable - no shooting in or out. Shields can't move.
rolls: aux, something else for offensive use I guess
T: Yes. This will be in, if you bring back a shieldmaiden. If you don't… well. Tough luck. :)
Tal, March 16th 2017: It's in. How much does it cost? I don't remember. I think I mentioned it sometime while mission 3 was ongoing.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Is it a thing? I hope it's a thing. It's a pretty thing. Did we add this? I'll look later.
Dino: Nope, was gonna happen after mission 3. I seem to recall you intending to make it fairly cheap but require aux +2 or something, but not sure when you said that



WASP Missile

Designed on one of the most lawless Outer Worlds (I'm looking at you, Earth! What the Hell?), WASP stands for Warp-Accelerated Specialised Projectile. It is one of the few weapons banned by the Interstellar Crime Court. A remarkably simple design, it uses a small anti-matter warhead and a simple warp drive with no safeties installed. Once launched, it enters warp and exits it inside the enemy ship, causing immense amounts of destruction.

  • Limited ammo (3 missiles);
  • Non-guided - flies in a straight line;
  • It's very hard to hit anything smaller than a cruiser (-2 to rolls on small targets);
  • Bypasses shields and armour and deals damage directly to internal systems - yes, it's possible for a fighter to destroy a battleship;
  • Needs some impressive calculations to program warp exit;
  • You need to know a lot about ships and their internal structure to aim correctly;

Requirements: Conventional +3; Computer +2; General Knowledge +2
Rolls: Attacker's Manoeuvrability and Conventional vs. Defender's Durability;
Price: too high.
T: I was actually planning on adding a rocket/missile launcher somewhere, but wasn't sure where to put it or how to price it. It wasn't anything I'd given serious thought to. This is a potential yes, although it may be in a much different form.
Tal, June 13th 2016: I'll add something like this… but I think it might be a lot more interesting if you could choose from multiple types of missiles. I could be wrong, though. Then again, I may add this on its own just because. No sense adding super-powered stuff to the all-purpose launcher, right? …Also, this is rocket, not a missile.
Tal, March 16th 2017: I don't think we need to worry about this right now. I'll save it for later, after I'm back in the swing of things and someone could actually afford to purchase it.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Save it for llaaaattteeerrrrr






Tal, March 16th 2017: dunno
Tal, June 2nd 2018: dunno

Symbiotic slug (exotic )

This will be added after similar things are discovered in missions, with some slight nerfs to make it affordable. ~Tal
Originally certified as a pet, it was hastily re-classified as an exotic weapon. It still doesn't make any sense, but that's bureaucracy for you! To put it simply, it's a small life form with extremely high PSI coefficient; it's put inside your body where it connects to your nervous system. Yes it's gross. The good thing is that it has an extremely high self-preservation instinct, and it'll quite literally bend the world around you to avoid damage.

  • Works via your own senses - if you don't see the danger, it won't see it, too;
  • Moves objects around, bends gravity to deflect shots, and creates PSI-shields to get your sorry arse out of the harm's way;
  • Doesn't make you invincible, but it's probably as close as you can get;
  • Gets its food from your body, and needs a lot of it. Will make you cry uncontrollably when hungry;
  • Must be extracted surgically after each mission to avoid weird stuff happening back on Tartarus;

Requirements: Exotic +4; Energy +4;
Rolls: None;
Price: too high.
T: I don't really mind this. This sounds like it'd be fun.
Tal, March 16th 2017: Well… this was something you were going to discover about midway in Mission 3. sads :( Could still add it, though, because technically all that stuff is still canon.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Shiiiiiiiiit. We didn't finish mission 3! That's too bad. That sucks honestly. Maybe I'll add it anyway.


Price: 7 Creds

  • Combat Bot
  • Can carry two weapons of your own selection.
  • Armor rating of Light Armor.
  • Decent AI.
  • Decent reflexes.
  • Pretty dumb tho. Can accept basic commands.
  • Has embedded thrusters for maneuvering in 0-g.
  • Relies on commands and therefore has to stay near the controlling persona.
  • Has limited dodge capabilities.
  • Can be vocally programmed to do basic actions.

T: I'll give everything here a "yes", I think, possibly with some cred changes and limitations. Congrats. :thumbup:
Tal, March 16th 2017: I liked this before. I like it again. Does it go in right off the bat? Nope
Tal, June 2nd 2018: I like this. It's interesting. I'll add it maybe. Probably. Not just yet.



Powered Armor

Price: 4 or 5
Ammo: None
Requirements: Nothing/Energy +1/+2?
Description: Take pieces from an Exosuit, stuff them in Heavy Armor, and you get this. Requires some strength (or maybe training?) to use, but the Exosuit components inside assist movement, allowing the user to move as though they weren't wearing 1/4 tons of metal. No, it doesn't make you invincible. No, it doesn't make you stronger. So stop stepping into enemy fire and crushing yourselves, this shit ain't free.
More Details: Protection of Heavy Armor, but without the Str/Agi loss, thanks to the assistance of Exosuit components. Tried to make it fairly balanced compared to most other "Power Armor".

Didn't have time to think of a fancy acronym, and the description is bleh, but I wantz it.
Tal: Tentative "yes" with some adjustments, later on.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Tentative "maybe". I mean, really, why? We're adding mechs. Is this just a poor man's mech?
Dino: we weren't adding mechs when this was proposed



Atomic hammer

This weapon might look like a weird glowing hammer at the end of your robotic arm, but in reality it's one of the most devastating technologies we have available. The hammer is rigged with a material that creates an enormous electromagnetic wave on impact, effectively breaking all bonds between atoms in whatever you hit.
In short, you hit something with this thing, it gets pulverized to dust, armour or no armor.
Price: 9 creds
Req: 3 or 4 robotics
Normal rolls
T: 3 or 4 creds and 9 robotics? ._. Are you insane? If it was 9 creds and 3 or 4 robotics, I'd think we had something, but this?! No way! Screw that! Hasta la vista, suggestion! DENIED
Tal, March 16th 2017: May add this. It may be a bit OP for the first mission though. May need to wait.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Wot. but why. Don't know… maybe. Will have to add it after this mission if I want it. Really torn. It needs to be very expensive, and possibly have limited ammo?
Dino: was intended as lategame robotics mostly

Extra robotic arms (robotics)

Like robo-arms? How about having two more? Buy this and we'll mount two extra robotic arms on your ship, in a nice x-wing pattern with the existing ones. Reduces the up-and down mobility of your arms somewhat, but you can mount more robotics weapon stuff, which is what some of you seem to be so adamant about.
Price: 4 credits. (that's how you valued this when setting the price for the GREASE)
Basically, the problem is people who use robotics weaponry but aren't support characters don't necessarily want the GREASE (whose robotics arms aren't necessarily optimally placed for melee attacks anyway, but better for support mobility and gripping and stuff) and thus have no way of having more than 2 weapons, which is a bit annoying.
E.g. if I get an extra robotic weapon I already lose the ability to grip stuff :problem:
T: I don't think so. The GREASE is about specialization. Most of REKT is. You can be moderately good at everything, or very good at specific things. Taking the specialization out would be like giving you all the candy in the store for almost none of the price.
D: On the robo-arms, my problem is that the GREASE is a support ship and currently the only way to enhance your robotic abilities - but robotics can just as well be a combat stat instead. We have a whole weapon category for them after all. But I currently don't feel it's really worthwhile to invest in robotics a lot as a combat character because I'm constricted to only 2 weapons- which is only half of what you can get for other weapon types (or only a third if you keep in account the combat ship upgrade). Which is a shame, cause melee ship combat is cool. :ghost:
T: I see your point on the robo-arms. I will consider it… though, I may make them cost more than 4 creds, if I do decide to add them - or I might provide some other way to balance it. Perhaps make it so that you lose maneuverability, or something.
D: Well, I wouldn't lower the stat maneuverability if that's what you mean, because robotic weapons roll maneuv… my idea was to mount them in such a way that getting the upgrade means you can hardly move the arms up/down, making them much less useful for non-combat use. Not sure about how you'd do that in practice (-1 on non-combat rolls?) but we already have extra-versatile arms, so I guess you have some kind of system for that.
Tal, June 13th 2016: Six to eight creds for a pair of arms seems fair to me right now. People would have to really think about whether they want to buy it.
Dino: I personally think that's very expensive since you still have to actually buy stuff to put on them too afterwards. Also considering hackers (another side-weapon skill thingy) can get an 'extra weapon' for just 3 creds and that just works without further upgrades. And robotics not being super popular to start with. I'm obviously biased, but I wouldn't buy them at that price despite having the stats to use them.
Tal, March 16th 2017: Still a difficult sell for me. I understand the desire to have more robotic arms, though… However… I think I might do something where you're allowed a single robotic arm in exchange for a weapon slot, for a lot cheaper. Then it could be affordable without letting you layer tons of robotics items. I'm out of the swing of things, though, so I'd have to readjust to the REKT economy mindset before I'm sure.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Holding up on this idea. Not sure. Stuck. I think two ought to be enough still.



Slat armour

1 cred
Invented several millennia ago, in the era of ground warfare, this "armour" is little more than steel grids welded onto your CASKET. While it doesn't protect you from beam weapons or high-velocity projectiles (like railgun rounds), it reduces the amount of damage you take by making any explosive munitions detonate upon slamming into the grid instead of directly into your ship's hull. You could only wish you had it when we sent you to fight the MIMIR. Sucks to be you.

- Makes you feel safer;
- Works by virtue of making shock waves travel through the vacuum instead of the solid hull of your ship;
- REALLY doesn't protect against anything other than high explosives;
- Doesn't protect against fragmentation / cluster rounds either;
- Can be mounted upon any type of armour;
T: Hmm. I may add it. Don't like the armor stacking bit though. also may make it cost more. If I send you against mimir, everyone will want slat armor, and my only way of making you feel in danger at all will be for all mimir ships to switch to bullets, effectively rendering your purchase worthless and making everybody angry that they wasted their creds and didn't buy that other shiny thing. It has to be expensive enough to prevent that.
Tal, June 13th 2016: Wow, one cred? No way. Four creds at the very least, and does not stack with other armor types. Total invincibility to all explosive weaponry for the duration of a mission is incredibly overpowered.
Tal, March 16th 2017: Four creds at the VERY least. Probably more. Same feelings as last year.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Who said one cred? No. Just no. Six creds, final offer. Total invulnerability to explosive munitions, duration of the mission, makes you look like a retard. Makes you wish you'd brought more guns.



Plasma Pilum

Ammo: 3
Description: Initally contained in an 25cm housing cylinder, upon activation, both ends telescope out, one becoming a plasma wrapped spear head, the other a counterweight. Battery inside last approximately (?), so aim before you turn it on.
Tal: I think I remember liking this. I still like this. This could go in. Feels odd to me though - out of place somehow. I'll think on it. I may be able to think of a way to integrate it better.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: This still feels really out of place. Why do we need this? What gap does it fill, exactly?
Dino: HappChazard designed it for his char at the time, which was Roman inspired

To be revisited later


Quark-Gluon Plasma Blaster
requirements: +3/+4 energy
ammo: internal generator, good for one shot every 4 minutes
Quark-Gluon plasma, the hottest stuff in the universe, hasn't been seen since the big bang - until it was recreated in a lab. Thanks to science, now you can use it to obliterate your foes - or anyone in the vicinity, for that matter. A ridiculously expensive and energy-consuming weapon, the QGPB is complete overkill against fighters and to be used against people you really, really don't like.

  • Fires a large blob of Quark-gluon plasma, contained by the magic of magnets so it doesn't entirely vaporise your ship until it's far enough
  • Obliterates anything not protected by very very strong shields
  • If getting hit by a blob of 2.5 TeraKelvin plasma wasn't enough, also creates a small nuclear explosion when hitting stuff
  • Use at short range not advisable
  • Use in atmosphere likely to result in death of user and anyone within several hundred meters
  • Don't look directly into the plasma if you like having eyesight

Price: around 18 creds or so
T: Let's put it in limbo until we have a better idea of what endgame will look like.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Waiting for endgame.

GAmma-Ray GLuon Excitement Blaster

Unsure about this one. ~Tal
is a horrifying weapon developed by Pan-Galactic Weapons Ltd. It uses small amounts of excited quark-gluon plasma to generate and direct a powerful gamma-ray blast that easily passes through anything lighter than a cruiser-class armour and damages organics and electronics alike.

  • uses capacitors to shoot; comes with 3 capacitors, 2 more cost 1 credit;
  • damages enemy fighters and electronics without destroying structures such as walls or ships;
  • fires forward in a wide ark - hard to miss, can hit multiple targets;
  • effective at short range only;
  • effective range is 300 m; fire ark is 30 degrees wide;
  • surviving target will suffer from radiation poisoning and will die or develop cancer;
  • not good for cooking steaks;

Rolls: Manoeuvrability and Conventional. Can hit multiple enemies as long as they are within the firing ark. Good for establishing defensive perimeter or for pushing the frontline; bad for precision strikes.
((not sure if odd conventional weapon or typo))
T: It sounds doable. I'll give it more thought but it may make it into the game before the next mission - but it's not from Pan-Galactic. :lol: I'd also like to avoid making any direct non-universe references. If there's anything this should be in the same universe as, it's Limit Theory, though I did like Hitchhiker's Guide. (the movie, haven't gotten my hands on the books)
Tal, June 13th 2016: Unsure still. It's difficult to say where endgame will go just yet. I'm making this up as I go along. A multi-fighter instagibber is definitely ingame. Imagine if your enemies had something like this. Wouldn't that really, really suck?
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Waiting for endgame.

Relativistic railgun

A sinister brother of the usual railgun, it fires small chunks of metal at an appreciable fraction of the speed of light. Effect is measured in kilotons of TNT equivalent.

  • Limited ammo (20 rounds);
  • Non-guided - flies in a straight line;
  • Feeds from a capacitor; recharged by an internal generator;
  • A two-part weapon - occupies one weapon mount and an axillary slot;

Requirements: Energy +4; Conventional +2;
Rolls: Attacker's Manoeuvrability and Conventional vs. Defender's Durability;
Price: too high.
T: 20 rounds is a LOT for this kind of thing - that's not very limited at all. I might add it, though… but, we'll see. Nobody will really be able to buy it for a couple missions anyway.
Tal, June 13th 2016: Again with the endgame thing, and again with TOO MUCH AMMO. Sometimes I wonder if Outlander really makes these suggestions seriously.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: More endgame.


Plasma Lash
A compact thermonuclear reactor that drains small amounts of anti-matter from your engines to start the fusion, it produces super-hot plasma that's usually found deep inside the biggest stars. When channelled outside through the solenoids inside your robotic arm, it disperses rather quickly - but not quick enough, leaving a 5 metres-long cloud of plasma that can melt its way through almost anything. We'd made it into a proper weapon if you idiots didn't accelerate forward while letting the plasma escape, melting your own ship.
Price: 8 credits
Requires Robotics +2
Rolls the usual Rob+Man
Melts and vaporises stuff.
T: This is a bit cheap for robotics. I would add on to the price somewhat, I think… not sure how much though. It's not like we need it immediately, so we have time.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Did I not add this? I think I added this… if I didn't… dunno?
Dino: you added the exotic infantry one, this is a robotics ship weapon


SOMETHING support ship (ship)

An upgrade from the GREASE, with more upgrade. I would have added the sensor array, but you don't like it.
Maybe the command center and some other stuff?
Price: 12-ish credits.
T: There will be more ships, I think, but not too many more than there currently are. We'll see how it all works itself out. Getting a ship upgrade shouldn't be an expected thing - it should be the result of overspecialization. In other words, the fact that you're getting a ship at all should mean you're not going to be as good at what the ship isn't designed for anymore. The exceptions are the good-for-anything traditional CASKETs.
D: Well, the ships I listed are specialisations, so I'm not quite sure what your point is. :roll: //
T: //Don't roll your eyes. :P Sometimes I don't do a good job of getting my thoughts across. The point is, making them cheaper and more accessible to jacks-of-all-trades rather defeats the point of specialization. There are other forms of cost besides creds and skill points. Making it so you have to specialize in certain fields is a form of cost as well; a ship that almost anyone could buy isn't very specialized. I'm not vetoing it, just saying that I have to be careful. Balance is tricky.

D: …but I just took the combat ship we already had, removed 1 upgrade and made it cost as much as the GREASE, to make a fair split to combat/support specialisation. It's not really more accesible to jack-of-all-trades either, as all the upgrades it has are purely combat related.
Tal, June 13th 2016: Still need thought on this. There will be more ships. It's just that ships (just like the whole mech thing) are incredibly difficult to reasonably balance. It takes a lot of thought and careful planning… and then I have to expect you guys to exploit it somehow. I have to expect you guys to exploit everything I do.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Need more time.

Nope (to be removed later I guess) ARCHIVED STUFF!!

Armored organs

Description: Like your organs? Enjoy having a pulse and therefore avoiding candidacy for the next Twilight installment? These robotic backup organs perform the exact same functions as your original organs, just without the need for things like air or food! You can still entertain yourself by eating and breathing but the next time you stupidly take off your helmet in space, you'll thank these organs!
Requirements: Requires Armoured Implants to be useful (Could be standalone, not sure)
More details: Not sure of cost, essentially removes the necessity for air and stops you being able to bleed out.
T: Hmm. maybe. Don't see the point except essentially making you a fleshy robot… don't see why not, though.
Tal, June 13th 2016: Veto at this point. Not gonna happen.

Haldeman Field Mine

Of course, in a familiar Tartarus fashion, it's not really a mine. This device consists of a multi-use capacitor and a small 'imperfect stasis field' (named after the guy who first described it, if you didn't guess) that prevents most electronics from turning on and slows down anything moving faster than 16.3 m/s to a halt, forcing everyone inside a 50-metre field radius to fight with Medieval weaponry you idiots seem to love so much.

  • heavy; needs energy +1 to carry it around;
  • capacitor is good for 1 minute of use;
  • can be recharged in the field, but it'll need energy source equivalent to an urban thermonuclear station to do it - good luck finding those;
  • worn on the back, duh!
  • once turned on, can't be turned off till the capacitor is empty;
  • affects your allies too;
  • all electronics stops working inside the field - i.e. your fancy shields, electron swords, chainsaws and Tesla Guns would be useless;
  • crossbows are fine, but some types of bolts won't work, e.g. explosive bolts won't explode properly, etc.;
  • fists and whacking your enemy with your gun will totally work;

Price: 5 credits; recharged on Tartarus for free;
Rolls: none;
T: Not sure about this one. Would like to hear other people's thoughts on it.
Tal, June 13th 2016: Still don't know. This one is a tough call. 50-meter field? That's insane. Think it might be overpowered… I can't imagine how I could make this work without it being a total gamebreaker… I guess you can consider it a no, at least in its present state.

SASHA Heavy Battlecannon

Price: ?? Creds

  • Gauss Minigun
  • Takes up 3 weapon slots
  • Improved fire-rate to standard minigun
  • Improved armor piercing to standard minigun
  • Slightly improved range then standard minigun
  • Has a Shield half the size of a riot shield mounted where the barrels meet the base of the weapon, giving the user and the weapon a small degree of protection.
  • Comes with a tripod, for when you need to stand your ground. Tripod is deployed on command.
  • Weapon provides a basic tactical hologram overlay.

T: hmm… you know what. maybe. Dunno though. Will think on it.
Tal, June 13th 2016: Will continue to think on it.
Tal, March 16th 2017: Will continue to think on it. Leaning toward "no".
Tal, June 2nd 2018: It fills no gaps, and it's more OP than the other heavy weapons. This is a solid "no".

Other things to add:

Multi-class splits: inf/ship choice to excel at one and be terrible at the other
Tal, March 16th 2017: Really don't like this idea anymore, so screw that. REKT is about a healthy mix of adaptation and specialization.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Not adding this at all. Don't like this even remotely. Nope. Nope. Nope.


Ammo: One use only, bought and used on Tartarus by medical personnel
Requirements: A positive attribute
Description: The "CERebral kNowledge lIquefying Nanobots" are a bunch of nanobots submerged in liquid that are injected into your worthless brains. They will find and liquefy connections in your brain that form a specific piece of knowledge. The nanobots store the liquid form and are able to construct new connections for new knowledge with that liquid! Unfortunately, these nanobots can only hold so much liquid squishy brain and cannot be retrieved once in your head. That means you have to pay for every piece of knowledge you want transferred.
More details:

  • Can only move 1 attribute point per payment (However, if you make a 2 a 1, you of course get back 10 SP)
  • Points don't have to be used instantly

Cost ~3 creds
Credit cost should limit the use
Meant to be used to refine skills, not re-roll characters, hopefully the limitations will stop re-rolls.
Since the nanobots can't be retrieved, doesn't work for trading attributes or anything.
T: Hmm. I like the base idea… but feel it should be made more expensive, and also do more. And also be one-use. You should never be able to restat yourself whenever you please. It can be a one-time thing - a generic respecialization.
Tal, March 16th 2017: Basically what I said last year. Also, that acronym sucks. Could I really not come up with anything better?
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Sweet baby batman, that's a horrible acronym. Also, this is no longer relevant. It was only relevant in the first REKT campaign. You should be careful where you spend points here.


I had an idea for a new exotic weapon. Haven't worked out the costs or anything like that, but I have the basic idea.
The use of my "weapon" is a bit risky. The object itself would not be able to do any damage. Instead, the use of this object would slow down time for its user, allowing them to get more done on their turn. The risky part would be that it would occasionally speed up time, meaning you would get less done. Talvieno of course would be the one to decide whether it was rolls, chance or both that determined this.
T: How about: Once every couple turns, I let you choose one thing to give a +1 to the roll of. Or - once every four turns, I let you choose one thing to give a +2 to the roll of.
H: That's fine with me, Tal. :)
Tal, June 13th 2016: Oh… this was supposed to go in before the mission started… :( Why did someone move it to Maybe? :( I ended up totally forgetting about it. Bah, and I think I may have designed a little bit of the mission with it in mind, too.
D: Because "maybe I could do this stuff with the thing?" is not "yes, this will be a thing"
Tal, March 16th 2017: Fair enough, DinoFromAYearAgo. It turned out being okay anyway, as the mission never got far enough along for you to use it. I may come up with some way to add it now though. Probably as a suit item.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: A year later, wut? What was I thinking? I don't know what this is doing here. This feels weird in the REKT universe, and feels like it'd be a massive imbalance. It also feels like nobody would ever get it.

Tank Drone

Price: 5 Cred

  • A tank.
  • On treads.
  • Has a gatling turret!
  • Can be ordered around or controlled directly.
  • Provides great suppressing fire.
  • Heavily armored.
  • Slow.
  • Not very smart either, relies on commands.
  • Control can be handed over to allies.
  • Requires gravity.
  • Can't handle stairways.
  • Tal, March 16th 2017: Feel slightly weird about this. Will need to give it more thought, and possibly debate it from both sides.

Tal, June 2nd 2018: This just feels really weird and doesn't seem to mesh with the REKT universe much.

Active Homing Assault Grenade

Packs of 3, 1(???) Cred per pack.
This is an explosive slightly larger then a normal grenade.
Has thrusters, as well as a very small computer.
Throw it in the enemy direction, and it will calculate the optimal place to land, so as to damage as many people as possible. ( People include allies too, it has trouble distinguishing between friend and foe… )
Is actually quite fun in 0-g ; throw it at the general direction of the enemy, and it can pilot itself around corners at the opponent.
Not much thruster fuel.
Same strength as a normal grenade.
Tal: …doable, I suppose… Somewhat. This feels like a tough decision to me. +1 bonus seems fair. Price, don't know. Should it use regular stats? also don't know. Is it actually physically feasible to throw a baseball with thrusters and expect it to correct large deviations? I really don't know.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: This sounds retarded. Thoroughly and utterly retarded. Not gonna mince words. Who came up with this. Did I come up with this? Wow, what was I on??
Dino: Actually it was Trigger who invented this :V



Ammo: One use only, bought and used on Tartarus by medical personnel
Requirements: None
Description: The "CERebral kNowledge lIquefying Agent" is similar to the CERNIN, however the nanobots already have the liquefying agent contained within them, essentially granting you free knowledge.
More details:

  • Costs 1 or 2 credits per SP used + Possible base fee of 3 credits for nanobots (Same as CERNIN Price)
  • Possible artificial maximum SP transfer, requiring payment of base credit cost again, to further limit use.

Credit cost should limit the use like CERNIN
Essentially only useful for getting the extra 5 SP you need to get to level 3 ((if you don't want to buy anything))
T: Potentially. I would make it more expensive though. 8 creds and you only get 10 SP - for skills or stats. Can be used as many times as you like… but is so expensive that people would rarely, if ever, buy it. Thoughts?
B: Tal, you said CERNIA was too cheap (I think that's what you meant) and suggested 8 credits for it. My suggestion had a minimum of 8 credits, which gives you 5 SP or 13 credits for 10 SP. It could also be 2 credits per SP which would result in 5 SP = 13 creds, 10 SP = 23 creds, though that might be a tinsy bit overkill.

Tal, June 13th 2016: Black seems to be overthinking this. I'll revisit later. It shouldn't be so complex, if I do choose to add it… but it might be more expensive than he wants it. It will definitely not have the whole "fractured cost" thing.
Tal, March 16th 2017: Same thoughts as last year. This seems a bit silly in places.
Tal, June 2nd 2018: Nope. Not gonna happen at all.


Roles unconventional
Able to inflict blunt damage to organic targets up to three feet away.
Fits in utility pocket
Can be equipped with retractable blades that activate when the yo-yo hits the end of its rope
Rope made out of carbon nano-tubes which is not easily cut through by spinning blades
Yo-yo can also be equipped with a taser to deliver a shock to enemies which come in contact with it

Possible other attachments that I am not thinking of.

(May require a special glove to be warn to prevent loss of circulation to finger)
Tal: This doesn't feel like an unconventional weapon to me. That's not a "no", though, more a "I'll think about it".
Tal, June 2nd 2018: eh? …eh? Am I missing some joke I got a year ago? Because this sounds stupid now.