Auxiliary Systems

Remember that the Ship Catalog contains ships that use Auxiliary skill as well.

Aux Slot Items

500 creds - Scout Drones

This thing is a little ball with a camera - next to two other balls on a pallet you stick under your ship. That's really all it is. It's weak, falls apart during most collisions, and doesn't like being stared at. It's actually even more expendable than you are. You control it via a little control pad in the cockpit and can use it to look at things, which is pretty sweet. Perfect for looking around corners that you think might get you blown to bits, and for doing unoriginal things like spying on that hot girl from Squad 4. If you want to go down the runway, this is a must-have for all your petty supermodeling needs.

1000 creds - Cargo Pod

If you've been around much, you'll know there are damned fools out there absolutely attached to the novelty of their pockets, shoving every little crappy trinket they can find into them. If you're one of those people, this is what you want. The Cargo Pod is pretty simple - a shiny box with a door on it. Think of it as a trunk to your car or some such shit. If you want to follow this mindset and kidnap a teammate, that's fine too. It comes with built-in armor plating, making it slightly less likely to get blown to bits than anything else. Easily reachable by the standard robotic arm, so long as said arm is still intact.

1000 creds - Command Center

You've all been there: a slow, lazy mission where nothing much is going on. You're reclining in your ship, keeping your eyes open for enemies. You feel like taking a nap. The cozy warmth of your chair is lulling you to sleep, while the rest of your squad, fighting for their lives, dies in agony from alien plasma and fire-breathing plants only a hundred meters away. It's one of those missions. While this piece of tech won't completely eliminate the boredom and monotony of missions, it'll help you keep an eye on all the exciting stuff everyone else is doing - just like me. Experience the boredom the way I do with the Tartarus Command Center, now in handy aux-slot size.

1500 creds - Pressure Globe

A single use, nanobot-built pressurized spherical tent designed to be deployed during a mission in order to provide a relatively safe environment where more complex ship repair and medical aid can be carried out. And when we say "safe", we mean "pressurized and filled with breathable gases". It's not armored, so if you go trying to use it as a shield, we wash our hands of it. Your funeral, kid. Note: Not machine washable.

2000 creds - Infantry Support Platform

"Fuck you, Dale! Get out of your CASKET and come help out!" Odds are, if your name is Dale, you've heard these words before, and you'll probably hear them again. If you're a lazy asshole like Dale that can't be bothered to do shit for shit, this is the shit you need. Your standard ISP is traditionally unreliable and typically shows a fair amount of laziness on your part. Rest assured, though, that while you're safe in your CASKET, everyone else outside will be grateful that they at least have a cart with one of your weapons on it to tote around. If you won't be there in person, at least you can be there in spirit.

2000 creds - Repair kit

Allows the user to fix any number of minor ship malfunctions or damage. Not effective for major failures, but for small patches here and there, it's got everything you need. Usable either by hands or by robotic fingers. Comes in a handy case easily accessible by your ship's robotic arms.

3000 creds - Advanced Repair Kit

It's a lot like the ordinary repair kit, but more advanced. That's right, Einstein – the extra cost actually goes towards something useful. Can be used to fix more severe problems like broken motors or hull breaches.

3000 creds - Transponder Dish

This handy piece of equipment isn't just an extra dish - it'll let you increase your hacking potential by rerouting critical processes to external CPUs. While you do your hacking thing, this will multiply everything you do and automatically adjust itself to handle any potential problems. It's basically another you, if all you knew how to do is hack. Particularly good for those newbies that can't manage to multitask without frying their own computers. Mounts on an aux hardpoint.

4000 creds - Broadcast Enhancer Dish

Lying down on the job again? Is it by any chance because you have the luxury of owning a BED? With this nifty addition to your very own Aux slot, you'll be able to significantly extend your transmission range by up to a kilometer or more, saving you the hassle of flying to your next objective. The more you own, the better your range - even up to half the AO. You're already smart - it's time to start acting smart, too. Buy a BED, and get some rest for those tired feet of yours.

5000 creds - Peripheral Hacking Computer

The PHC is many things, but a good acronym, it is not. With this baby mounted into one of your aux hardpoints, you can manage to significantly increase your total hacking output. Includes an advanced suite of software upgrades and external cores, complete with cooling. In addition, can even function as your main hacking terminal if your primary one goes down. It won't help you multitask, but it'll definitely help you land harder hacks you couldn't have managed previously.

6000 creds - Mobile drone platform

A pallet of softball-sized drones and a control pad for them. Each drone is equipped with a low-power laser, a camera, and a computer slightly smarter than a dog. Can be deployed all at once, one at a time, or in time with your favorite rock music. Useful for a good number of situations, but don't expect to win a battle with them alone.

8000 creds - Gunner bot

A coil gun on a mobile computer, equipped with an array of sensors and an AI that might almost pass for one of you retards. Deployed in the field and mostly used to guard areas or provide supporting fire. They're smart enough to patrol an area or follow your ship around, but that's about it. Still, if you need a mobile high-caliber rifle with the intelligence of a giant space hamster, this will fill that need.

Other Items

1000 creds - Landing Autopilot

Being the class clown has its pros and cons. Pros: everybody at least recognizes you enough to avoid you. Cons: it was piloting class, and congrats on flying into a building on your very first mission. Does it hurt like hell? It should. You deserve it - at least, if you aren't even intelligent enough to buy one of these. For the incredibly cheap price of a thousand creds, you can defy Darwin, turn heads, and keep from ever having to land yourself again. You don't even have to be in the seat… although that's strongly recommended, given what happened to the last guys.

1000 creds - Turret Upgrade

Remember that thing you met your first day here? You know, that thing on the wall that got you sent to the infirmary after you tried to booby-trap the engineers' chairs? Yeah, you know the thing. This is one of those things. The engineers must like you, because lo and behold, you can add a thing to your stuff. Pretty sweet, right? Good. This thing upgrades a standard weapon mount and lets you fire on enemies without even having to waste the time of turning towards them. And, as an added bonus - nobody can boobytrap your chair.

1000 creds - Weapon Mount

The longer you live with guns, the more you realize that you can't live without them. I'm sure that's completely unrelated to the fact that flying weaponless greatly decreases your life expectancy, but the bottom line is: guns are important. Maybe you left one on a mission and you're starting to miss it, maybe you shot one off with a Gauss rifle, or maybe you just want to add more onto your ship - I don't give two shits about why, and neither do you. You just want to know "when", and the answer is "right now". Once mounted, does not transfer between ships.

2500 creds - SPEAR Tip Upgrade

This replaces the tip of your CASKET with a sharp tip of some cool, tough material, and allows you to nearly fold up your robotic arms and everything else behind it, allowing you to penetrate the hulls of large ships, if they don't have too much armor. Just make sure you get enough speed and your inertia dampeners will take care of the rest. And be ready to slow down, too. Probably important.

2500 creds - Afterburner System

For when fast just isn't fast enough. Hit a shiny little button on your console and you'll suddenly find your cheeks shaking as you're pressed back into your seat, unable to think or even breathe for all of about five glorious seconds. After that you stop accelerating and special dampeners return your ship to something closer to a normal speed. Excellent for just about anything, up to and including crashing your brother's wedding.

3000 creds - CockPod System

It sounds retarded, yes. Let's get that out of the way. However, I came up with the name myself, and if you dare mock it like the last guys did, I'll sell you a defective version out of spite. Clear? Good. The CockPod system ensures your safety in the cockpit by hyperexpanding sheets of supercooling molten plastic around any detected breaches. While it can't replace electronic systems, open a stuck hatch or sing you to sleep at night, it can effectively turn your cockpit into a cocoon of plastic if it's absolutely necessary with minimal loss of air. Best of all, we'll modify the cockpit to make it possible to eject the whole thing like an escape pod from the blazing inferno that used to be your ship.

3000 creds - Computer Shielding

This modification uses complex… You know what, screw it, you don't even need to know. This makes your computer tougher, dipwad. If you'd like to keep it functioning, it might be highly useful to purchase it, especially if you plan on getting yourself shot up like the last idiots did. It'll give a +1 boost to any rolls involving its durability. Same goes for your hacking systems.

3000 creds - Critical Shielding

This modification uses the power of the user's own mind to create a weak protective field around the cockpit, lessening damage taken (if damage would be taken) by 1. Useful in many situations, but little better than a security blanket if you're staring down a nuke.

3000 creds - Enhanced Spectrum Cam

This simple camera modification allows you to switch to infrared mode to detect differences in temperature, or x-ray mode to detect … x-rays. Considerably more effective for being a pervert, as you can see beneath clothing with it quite easily – again, though, too bad nobody wears jeans and t-shirts in space. Might occasionally be useful for finding exhaust shafts or avoiding enemies. Also useful for switching to x-ray mode in dusty areas. Mounts near your headlights.

3000 creds - FirmaFoam Systems

We'd sell this stuff commercially if we could – we already have a great name picked out. Unfortunately, FirmaFoam is very, very highly toxic and wouldn't see much use in civilian hands – we might get slapped with a lawsuit. You, however, aren't so lucky. FirmaFoam is implanted in various canisters about the insides of your ship, easily punctured in case of a hull breach. If breached, the foaming solution will expand and harden around the nearest source of liquid or gas, be it air, fuel, or soda, effectively eliminating the risk of leaks. If you really want to drink FirmaFoam'd soda, though, do so at your own risk.

3000 creds - Ship AI

You know, when the first of you assholes strolled into the armory and demanded a ship AI, I foolishly took it as a compliment and thought the damn fool was wise beyond his years. By this point I've learned that you're still just as incompetent as everyone else. The AI is not sexy, nor will it talk dirty to you. It will not do your job for you. It will not replace me, and for the last time, it is not a true intelligence! It is not sentient! The best it can do is ferry your ship around while you're outside of it and maybe accomplish a few menial tasks. It is a tool, and I suggest you learn to operate it as such. It can be invaluable, but only if you really know how to use it.

5000 creds - Targeting Holocomputer

This thing has nothing on me. I mean, sure, maybe it can track down and lock onto craft smaller than you in an eyeblink. Yeah, maybe it has support for multiple autotargeting and intelligent locks. Maybe it has a track record of increasing inmate accuracy by 17%. But you know what? Fuck graphics. It's pointless shit anyway. I'd do a much better job, and I don't care what you assholes think. And no, I am NOT going to pretend to be your own personal computer. Fuck that too. But really, in all honestly … I couldn't care less.

5000 creds - Hazard Ejection Enhancement

Ammo may be pretty when it explodes, but it doesn't do much for our research, especially if it's on your ship. The same goes for engines and robotic arms that go awry. This modification effectively allows you to split off virtually any part of your ship without risk of endangering yourself. If your engine is going critical, you can simply jettison it. More than likely to be weaponized at some point, as a nuclear reactor would tend to make a great weapon, if somewhat unreliable.

5000 creds - Enhanced Mounting Systems

Has absolutely nothing to do with horses or certain adult activities. Not much more than a framework of metal and generators hooked into the outer frame of your ship. It can make it significantly easier to wield heavier weaponry, though – or even possible, you might say. Adds a free and immediate +1 to your energy (counted only for being able to use weapons).

5000 creds - Ship Cloak

Yeah, it's not as cool as it sounds. Despite being kind of exotic, using it is actually pretty simple. You turn it on, input the proper variables, and it runs. No mess. Used properly, it will cloak you from any angle. While it does run off your ship's primary generator, making it practically infinite, it takes constant minute adjustments to keep you invisible unless you and everyone around you is sitting motionless. And you will be completely invisible. Be aware that trying to fire weaponry will likely ruin your adjustments and render you visible enough for people to attack.

6000 creds - PsyComp Enhancement

Your current PSI unit is pretty simple - it hooks into your brain, processes your willpower, and then turns it into motion with psychokinetic amps. Pretty cool, right? Not cool enough. This upgrade lets you hook your mind directly into your computer. If you thought you were cool before, imagine how cool you'll be now. Allows you to recall information from the computer and control any computer-related activities with your PSI Unit - and more importantly, lets you use higher-tier PSI weaponry even earlier on than you would normally have to.

6000 creds - Blink Teleporter

The blink teleporter is a prototypical invention that allows your entire ship to "blink" forwards in space, permitting dangerous stunts such as flying behind enemy lines, while also letting you go take that coffee break and still get back in time for the final boss. Unfortunately, it also lights you up like a Christmas tree, so if you're planning on doing something stealthy, just don't. Note: If your computer malfunctions while you're using it, you're in trouble.

6000 creds - CockPod Mobility System

This addition encloses the life support and power systems of the cockpit and allows you to separate it from the rest of the craft, just like the traditional CockPod enhancement. However, it also gives it an armored shell and thrusters. In the event that the ship should be inoperable, the CockPod Mobility System can be activated to let you get away from the battle before you get blown to bits. It also comes with a lightweight laser system for defense. As your computer gets left behind, you control it with your PSI Unit, but as long as you have any degree of skill in operating machinery, you should be good to go.

8000 creds - Non-Newtonian Armor

When you buy this, we'll apply a layer of specialized non-newtonian fluids in special membranes around the insides of your CASKET's hull. Not only will that sound really awesome, but it'll greatly reduce the damage you take from blunt forces such as bullets. You won't be able to shrug off a railgun round, but you can definitely take one of them and keep going.

9000 creds - Enhanced Systems

Various ship modifications that increase the ability of specific stats or systems. Only two of them may be applied at a time, as they're generally mutually exclusive. (Gives +1 to the system of your choice. Unlike the enhanced mounting systems, this upgrade factors in before calculations, letting you add the gains to your stats. Cannot double-stack on the same stat.)

10000 creds - Advanced Armor

This gives your CASKET a resistant armor coating that strongly increases your resistance to EMP, cutting, crushing, radiation and other forms of damage. If you wanted to tank damage, this is the way to do it in style. Looks pretty cool, too, or so we're told. Guaranteed increase in survivability rates in creatures smarter than a monkey. Rely on at your own risk.

10000 creds - CAPTOR Bow Enhancement

The CASKET All-Purpose Tip-centric Outer Retrofit is a pretty nifty thing. It completely replaces the tip of your CASKET, much like some of the other upgrades, in exchange for giving you a lot of extra options. For starters, you'll be able to fire a 500-meter-long grappling cable fully capable of supporting five times the weight of your ship. As if that wasn't enough, it also has a large retractable blade, an lightweight electrical discharge system similar to the Tesla Arc Projector, a light laser, and the casing is a weaker version of the kinetic bumper. Jack of all trades, master of none! Good for if you can't make up your mind.