Beyond The Edge: Campaign Overview

The Edge… There is no honest way to explain it because the
only people who really know where it is are the ones who have
gone beyond the edge. The others - the living - are those
who pushed their luck as far as they felt they could handle
it, and then pulled back. But the edge is still out there.
…Or maybe it's in.
                    - Hunter S. Thompson

You've gone beyond the edge.

REKT: Beyond The Edge

A space-based Role Playing Game

Rise and shine, assholes.

Feel groggy? Headache? Eyes burning? Let me give it to you straight. It's the year 3152, and we just woke you up from cryosleep. It seems we'd forgotten you existed; we only rediscovered you yesterday. Our records of you got lost somewhere, and the cargo bots could have been ignoring your pods for decades, for all we know. And where are you? I'll fill you in.

My name is SCAMPS, for Shipboard Computer Assigned to Monitoring Prisoner Services. That's right: you're on a prison ship, and I'm a computer. In case you don't remember, your local authorities signed you up for a death tour aboard the Tartarus. Why? I don't know, and honestly, I don't even care. You were retarded enough to get caught. We shouldn't expect anything useful out of you, and yet, circumstances dictate that we must.

Welcome to The Nemesis, gentlemen. You're aboard what's left of a battle cruiser that got shot down above a shit-stain Hiltorel planet called Nanyej. All you need to know is that we're beyond the edge of humanity's domain and all entities here are presumed hostile. We're understaffed, outgunned, and facing an enemy that wants to snuff us from existence. Best of all, our comm systems are toast, and we've lost all contact with Tartarus. They don't even know that we're alive. There is no hope of surrender, nor of any rescue.

This is where you come in. We're inducting you into the Requisitional Knowledge Troops. On Tartarus, you would survive ten dangerous missions to earn your freedom, or you die. Out here? Well… you do your part, or we all die. We'll send you on deadly missions out here in the galaxy's sphincter, and if we ever manage to get back home… well, we'll see what happens then.

Any questions? No? Good. Gentlemen… get REKT.

Tryout Missions

The BTE campaign involved a number of "Tryout Missions" prior to the game proper actually beginning. While these were canon, whether or not the characters remembered it was optional and up to each respective player. They took place while the characters were in cryo, as they underwent a series of VR simulations intended to keep their brains functional despite the known degenerative effects of cryostasis.

Mission 1

After being roused from their cryosleep, the platoon is almost immediately thrust into action and sent out of the Nemesis to recover it's crashed nacelle and to raid a nearby Hiltorel colony for Stellaplex, an anomalous material needed for the ship to perform a successful takeoff. Despite stiff opposition and numerous casualties, the two squads manage to complete their objectives in the nick of time and the Nemesis makes a hasty retreat from the surface of the hostile planet.

Mission 2

After a brief respite, the REKT people are sent out again - this time to the station of Nanyej where the Nemesis is docked. There, they are too find work - only problem is, literally everyone hates Tartarus.