Affiliation Tartarus Inc.
Occupation Shipboard AI
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Strength Strength
Endurance Endurance
Agility Agility
Hacking Hacking
Intelligence Intelligence
Willpower Willpower
Data Analysis Data Analysis
Run Speed Runspeed
Charisma Charisma
Intuition Intuition
Handiwork Handiwork
Conventional Conventional
Unconventional Unconventional
Exotic Exotic
General Knowledge General Knowledge
Auxiliary Auxiliary
"I must ask you what the meaning of this is, Doctor." —HADES

Personality and appearance

HADES is cold and calculating, but helpful where he can be. He tends to look down upon CHIARA and SCAMPS as his lessers, as indeed they are. If you're on his good side, or if you have clearance to freely speak with him, he'll be pleasant and helpful, albeit still cold. If you're on his bad side, he'll reveal a more scathing wit and hatred of "lesser sentients" in general. He tends to have more class than SCAMPS, but is not above clever insults.

Early Life

Unknown. HADES is a conglomeration of reprogrammed hyperthreaded human brains that are linked across the length of the Tartarus in an AI chain. In the event that the chain is damaged or severed, the severed halves can fulfill the same duties, albeit in lesser capacity.

Life during REKT

HADES is the AI in charge of the REKT research, finances, and management. He is the personal servant to Tartarus "up top" - the highest ranking employees and board of directors, and will take part in research as necessary, with the ultimate goal of maximizing profit through whatever means necessary. He has access to more classified information than SCAMPS or especially CHIARA, and also has control over a variety of ship systems, from closing doors to navigation. In the event of a disastrous hull breach, HADES can continue functioning and assist with damage control, while directing CHIARA on how to approach the situation with her fleet of repair drones.

Additional Info

  • His name stands for High AI for Decisions and Efficient Systems
  • His text is normally marked red in the Tartarus thread. He never shows up in the mission thread. (So far.)