Robert Haseley
Name: Robert Haseley
Affiliation Tartarus Inc.
Occupation CEO
Age At least 70
Gender Male
Strength 2
Endurance 0
Agility 4
Hacking -2
Intelligence 4
Willpower 3
Data Analysis 1
Run Speed -1
Charisma 3
Intuition 4
Handiwork -2
Conventional -1
Unconventional 4
Exotic 1
General Knowledge 2
Auxiliary 0
"I understand resurrection… being a medieval vampire and all that." —Robert Haseley

Personality and appearance

Robert Haseley (or Sir Robert Haseley, depending on who you ask) is an enigmatic character, despite being the CEO of Tartarus Incorporated. The most mysterious aspect about him is his origin; nobody seems to know where he came from.

Robert is something of a self-proclaimed recluse, which is somewhat unusual for a CEO of a large company, even in the year 3152. Despite his obvious charisma, it seems that he much prefers to spend his time alone in his cabin, as he prefers comfortable, cozy places to the company of others. Despite this, he is quite active over holocomms with other members of his staff and crew and keeps in close touch with them. This close contact does seem to slowly wear on him, however, and every few months he will take short vacations from the Tartarus to pleasant planets on the inner worlds. Cissinia is his favorite destination on these retreats, although he occasionally takes trips to Cenva or Amron instead.

Physically, Robert stands at slightly over six feet (1.83 m) in height and has a full head of genetically engineered wavy blonde hair, and deep-set blue eyes. While he resides in his cabin he typically wears a smoking jacket, and prefers tea like the majority of the Tartarus staff, as opposed to Mimir's obsession with coffee. Whether he is with anyone romantically is uncertain, although it has been demonstrated on many occasions that he has a taste for the feminine company. Occasionally he will invite a young lady to his room - generally one who is overdue a promotion - and have a pleasant chat with them. The exact details of these chats are never openly discussed.

Early Life

Little to nothing is known of Robert's early life, and no public records are available prior to his appointment as CEO of REKT. He does, however, humorously fancy himself to be a reincarnation of others that came before him - namely, a medieval ruler from two thousand years before named "Vlad III of Wallachia". As is typical with him, it's unclear whether he seriously believes this to be true. When, during his rare visits to the REKT levels, inmates ask him of his origins, Robert typically replies that he cannot say anything, and that he is protecting them from the truth. Nobody is ever quite sure whether to believe this either.

Robert seemed to have "materialized" in the year 3105 following Tartarus's battle with the Kavashdom Enclave, and became CEO roughly three years later. None of the staff questioned his existence, and the inmates at the time suspected that he may have somehow brainwashed them or manipulated their minds. If this is true, he seems to have abandoned his old methods since his appointment as CEO; alternatively, he keeps anyone from knowing that he is still manipulating minds. This raises the question of why the legends about him persist.

He has retained the position of Tartarus CEO for the past 44 years, with seemingly no one challenging his spot. If there have been any challenges, they were kept strictly off the record and unknown to all but the highest members of Tartarus staff - and perhaps HADES himself.

Life during REKT

Robert became the CEO of REKT in the year 3108, immediately following the death of the previous CEO, Paren Larell. Prior to his arrival, Tartarus was faring rather poorly in the race against Mimir Corp, and it was predicted that Mimir would drive Tartarus out of business in a few years. Tartarus's high costs at the time were prohibitive to the company's expansion, but Robert Haseley managed to turn that around - a rather impressive and unexpected feat, as Mimir was predicted to buy Tartarus out within the next decade.

Very soon after he rose to power, Robert began making very controversial changes in the company's upper hierarchy - old leaders were removed and replaced with newer ones that had seemingly appeared from nowhere, entire decks were ripped out and remodeled, and some decks were closed off to all but the highest-ranking staff. Robert also began making new business deals with mysterious, unnamed customers - customers that Tartarus had apparently never sold to before and nobody seemed to know the identity of. This helped to not only boost Tartarus's profits but also open up new avenues of trade - particularly in the outer rim, where Mimir was loath to go. Eventually Tartarus's string of successes and discoveries in the outer rim led Mimir to begin tracking Tartarus scouts in order to stay in the lead.

Perhaps the most notable change was that the Tartarus staff seemingly stopped aging, despite the fact that Robert stopped Tartarus's habit of picking up staff on the core worlds. With no influx of new workers, inmates often wondered why many receptionists and researchers seemed so young. A common theory is that Robert started a vampire cult (or nest) and that he has turned all the staff members to vampires (except the kitchen staff, which have grown quite elderly over the previous 40 years). This unfortunately has yet to be proven, as no one has yet gathered sufficient evidence to come to a reliable conclusion.

Additional Info

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