Taiya Honiley
Name: Taiya Honiley
Affiliation Tartarus Inc.
Occupation PA to CEO
Age 32
Gender Female
Strength -2
Endurance -1
Agility 2
Hacking -1
Intelligence 3
Willpower 1
Data Analysis -2
Run Speed 5
Charisma 3
Intuition 1
Handiwork 3
Conventional -1
Unconventional -2
Exotic 1
General Knowledge 4
Auxiliary -2
"You haven't done anything wrong. At least… not recently." —Taiya Honiley

Personality and appearance

Taiya Honiley is Tartarus CEO Robert Haseley's Personal Executive Assistant. Normally good-natured and outgoing, she quite enjoys being around other people whenever possible - much more than Mr. Haseley himself. Haseley is quite happy with this; it permits Honiley to take care of most business engagements of lesser importance while continues to be the reclusive. She tends to get along well with almost everyone, and is liked by the majority; however, there is always a small majority that loathes her and wants her out of the picture. It is suggested that this is in part due to Honiley's biology: she is a synthetic human, with synthetically manufactured flesh, rather than the more common "natural" variety. Human purists of course therefore dislike her for this reason, among others.

Honiley is quite fond of Marmite, sun dresses, French Toast, and especially flowers. In her free time she greatly enjoys crossword puzzles and other word games, but her primary assets to Tartarus Inc. are her vast knowledge and her incredible ability to multitask. Acting almost like a human encyclopaedia at times, she's almost never at a loss in any situation, and can quite readily provide explanations for any of the goings-on at Tartarus - though she also is very strict about proper identification. Inmates will be able to extract little information from her.

While known for being helpful, playful, and cheerful under most circumstances, she also has a mean streak that appears whenever she's particularly stressed out or pissed off. She can get fairly unhappy and pessimistic on these occasions, but these moods typically wear off after a few hours.When asked about herself, Honiley generally just smiles and states the obvious, seeming quite unwilling to discuss herself any further. While undoubtedly well-known and fond of company, she prefers to tend to her duties and stay out of the limelight unless called forth.

Honiley is described as a woman with wavy brown hair and matching brown eyes. She tends to wear glasses while she's working, and keeps her hair up in a bun when she's feeling particularly stressed. On most occasions, her hair is either left free or in a braided ponytail.

Early Life

Honiley's early life is mostly unknown. There are records of her having studied at Warwick University on New Earth, but the records there are surprisingly scant, giving few details on anything apart from her age and gender. It seems she was a child prodigy, and managed to complete her degree by the age of 18. Given her almost computer-like memory, attention to detail, and swiftness at learning, these particular claims draw few skeptics.

There are some vague, potentially falsified reports of her having deleted a large section of the Imperial Archives' civilian profiles, and this landing her in prison; however, no real records regarding this supposed event have come to light. It seems almost as though someone went through and deleted all relevant information on her; this is currently the predominating theory on her origin.

Life during REKT

Miss Honiley began serving aboard the Tartarus in the year 3138, and served as Robert Haseley's personal assistant ever since the year 3148. When she first joined the staff, Robert Haseley had been Tartarus CEO for the past thirty years - well before Honiley was even conceived. Some people rumor that she is Haseley's illegitimate daughter; others theorize she is a granddaughter or other relative. Still others theorize that she is in fact Haseley's lover; others point to an apparently ever-present man named David William Maugs as the most likely candidate for her possible romances.

Honiley's primary job aboard the Tartarus is as Robert Haseley's personal executive assistant. While HADES handles the Tartarus as a whole, Honiley focuses primarily on keeping track of Haseley's schedules, organizing events, clearing things with the board of directors, and other such tasks. She also on occasion serves as Tartarus's spokesperson to the inner worlds, seeing as she is a fairly attractive young human woman, all of which appeal to the majority of the general galactic audience. When Haseley finds himself in need of a vacation from the typical day-to-day life as CEO, Honiley typically handles this as well; she often books long vacations for him at his favorite locations of retreat. These are typically either Amron, Cenva, or Cissinia.

It is worth noting that Honiley is one of the few staff members aboard Tartarus that seems to age. This could be due in part to the fact that she's in such a prominent position; naturally, it makes the public eye follow her more closely. Another object of note is that Honiley rarely bothers to greet the inmates themselves; she typically puts as much space between herself and them as possible, unlike her superior Mr. Haseley, who can occasionally be found quietly strolling the halls on his inspection tours.

Additional Info

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