Characters are NPC controlled, they are not imprisoned and are often part of the core functionality of the REKT program.

Tartarus NPCs

Robert Haseley

Robert Haseley (or Sir Robert Haseley, depending on who you ask) is an enigmatic character, despite being the CEO of Tartarus Incorporated. The most mysterious aspect about him is his origin; nobody seems to know where he came from.

Haseley is something of a self-proclaimed recluse, which is somewhat unusual for a CEO of a large company, even in the year 3152. Despite his obvious charisma, it seems that he much prefers to spend his time alone in his cabin, as he prefers comfortable, cozy places to the company of others. Despite this, he is quite active over holocomms with other members of his staff and crew and keeps in close touch with them. This close contact does seem to slowly wear on him, however, and every few months he will take short vacations from the Tartarus to pleasant planets on the inner worlds. Cissinia is his favorite destination on these retreats, although he occasionally takes trips to Cenva or Amron instead.

Physically, Haseley stands at slightly over six feet (1.83 m) in height and has a full head of genetically engineered wavy blonde hair, and deep-set blue eyes. While he resides in his cabin he typically wears a smoking jacket, and prefers tea like the majority of the Tartarus staff, as opposed to Mimir's obsession with coffee. Whether he is with anyone romantically is uncertain, although it has been demonstrated on many occasions that he has a taste for the feminine company. Occasionally he will invite a young lady to his room - generally one who is overdue a promotion - and have a pleasant chat with them. The exact details of these chats are never openly discussed.


While his appearance is completely unknown to the majority of REKT inmates save for rumors, his personality can be described as scathing, harsh, and bitter, with an underlying love of black humor. He tries to make it clear from time to time that all he really wants is the data that inmates recover, although he often seems particularly upset about losing large numbers of inmates.


CHIARA's speech is usually brief and to the point, intended to provide information. She seems to have a wealth of patience - though, to be fair, few people have ever tried to exhaust it. She seems almost cold at times, and utterly indifferent.


HADES is cold and calculating, but helpful where he can be. He tends to look down upon CHIARA and SCAMPS as his lessers, as indeed they are. If you're on his good side, or if you have clearance to freely speak with him, he'll be pleasant and helpful, albeit still cold. If you're on his bad side, he'll reveal a more scathing wit and hatred of "lesser sentients" in general. He tends to have more class than SCAMPS, but is not above clever insults.

Fuhodo Station

Almina Dheda

Hiltorel "niece" of the plodus, Big Daneelo. Used to be a "skulker". Big Daneelo greeted her fondly and called her "'Mina". Seems to have a good deal of respect at Big Daneelo's place, seeing at the guards let her inside without asking any questions.

Big Daneelo

Major player on Fuhodo Station. According to himself, he doesn't take sides, but does what is best for the station and its people, regardless of whom it might hurt. Told Beta Squad to rescue a hostage from one of the gangs in the Old Palaces.

Big Danilo is a plodus, and noted to be very large. Likes collecting valuable art, especially paintings and sculptures. Good taste for aesthetics and decoration.

Played a big part in stopping the Fuhodo Massacre, in 2999. While over 26,000 died, he managed to keep the administration from spacing anyone else by assassinating one of the officers in charge - according to legend, without a weapon. This makes him at least 209 years old; roughly 38 in human years today.

Etch "Squigg" Squiligan

Shady businessman. Greatly values loyalty. Noted to have an Earther accent. Was wearing a tweed jacket over an undershirt and wrinkled tie, with a dried alien flower in the lapel. Almost gave Alpha Squad a mission to Irihi, but changed his mind when they started arguing with each other; decided he would rather not deal with them at all and sent them to talk to Men'ko Mokila, his "archenemy" (although he didn't say that he was at the time).

Men'ko Mokila

Shady hiltorel businessman. A loan shark of sorts, although he doesn't like the term. Gives clients loans and expensive gear, and they pay him back later… or he sends his goons to fuck 'em up. Has contacts all throughout the station. Is noted to be in a feud with Etch Squiligan; they hate each other a lot.

Owns "Men'ko's Mimosa's" - a restaurant and bar, a front for his shadier business dealings.


A daxx arms dealer with a shop in the Fuhodo Marketplace. Supposedly has a fanatical following of aliens that would die for him. Powerful player on the station. Hates humans with a passion for something that happened to his daughter; Beta met with him but declined to ask about it. Hosef'Wa gave Beta a spiderbot for free when they dropped Big Daneelo's name - apparently the fact that they had dealings together was not common knowledge, or he wouldn't have believed them. He said that he and Big Daneelo are even, and told them to leave his shop.

Kaquyu Adopan

A high-ranking member of the Hsilkorian Rebirth. She was taken captive at some point in the recent past by Minas Maniri, a local gang. It seems likely that she was due to be transferred to FMU at some point; Big Daneelo tasked Beta with "acquiring" her, posing as FMU agents.


Aah'kroah gangleader and smuggler. Seems to be fairly notorious and well-known. Commands a very powerful gang, including at least one mivitarta - a human that has been specially bred and genetically altered to serve as a powerful drug-enhanced meatshield, taking advantage of the relative accessibility and power of human-manufactured battle drugs. Heavily armored and armed with powerful weapons. Has his own personal shield unit. Is said to always find his mark - is actually well known for methodically hunting down and killing anyone that crosses him - and for doing it quite savagely/sadistically.

Febivo Keshor Mikiikah

Leader of the Minas Maniri, a gang in the Old Palaces.

Vrish Lisathl

Lovely hiltorel chap living in the Old Palaces. Employed by either FMU or Minas Maniri. Greatly enjoys conversation, especially involving the discussion of old azquadian technological relics. Fairly polite when he needs to be. Wears a fashionably stylish (if stained) hiltorel-style overcoat. Very agile.

Serava Dai

Officer. Presently has command of eight elite soldiers. Has been tasked with hunting down and acquiring Kaquyu Adopan, at any cost.