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When some people see a beautiful work of art, they feel inspired - most, to create, but you? You just want to smash it - be it building, lady, or your enemy's faces. Sound like you? This is your jam. Though cheap, it doesn't last long - only a few minutes at most - so get the most use out of it that you can. Punching walls? Ripping doors off their hinges? Hell. Fucking. Yes. You can pretty much expect to do almost anything with this, except finish your education.
  • Cost: 250 creds
  • Uses: 1
  • Requirements: Be a human. Cymeks and mechs only get the effects of +1 willpower.
  • Stats: +3 strength
    +1 willpower
    +2 speed
  • Duration: 1d3 turns
    Effects start at the beginning of the next turn.

Berserk is a drug renowned for granting superhuman strength. Need to punch something? Is it big? Take berserk. Will punching it hurt? Take more berserk. Berserk is one of the few drugs with positive effects to an overdose - or, what may seem like a positive effect to some: overdosing has a very high chance to make you completely immune to pain. It also has a small chance of making you go blind, which is perhaps somewhat less desirable.

Berserk works by boosting the maximum amount of power you can get out of your muscles for the same effort - it primes muscles with energy, essentially, so that when your brain tells something to contract, it contracts much harder than it normally would. Fortunately, this is easily controlled, or you'd be bouncing around like a bad flash game. it does cause some fluid buildup in the muscles, though, which can make you pretty sore for a while.

So why "Berserk"? Because you go berserk. You become much more aggressive and agitated - but this is typically controlled, and directed only towards those you already have negative feelings about, such as enemies. You also feel quite tough and "bulky".

Side effects while active

Side effects only take place for the duration of the drug, and stop afterwards. Side effects can stack between drugs. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player.

100% Aggressive behavior: Berserk agitates the user and causes them to go… well… berserk. Fortunately, this effect is mostly constrained towards enemies.
100% Enlarged muscles: Berserk is not a steroid; it instead boosts the contraction power of the muscles (which causes them to swell slightly with fluid) and removes some of the body's natural inhibitors. The effect is that you look a bit more buff than you did before - popping veins and all. Unfortunately, this won't impress that hot girl in squad four.
85-100% Loss of inhibition: There's a fairly high chance of the user losing their inhibition; they stop caring about consequences to what they say/do to others. This will last for at least the duration of the drug, but no more than twice the duration. The exact length can be roleplayed by the player.
35-65% Muscle aches: There's a decent chance that the drug can cause moderate pain during use. While Berserk has some light painkillers packaged into it, they don't always (or even usually) work. Fortunately it's not enough to cause harm in combat. It's just uncomfortable. This effect, if it occurs, will last for several hours.

Overdose effects

If you take too many different drugs in a short amount of time, you have a chance of receiving the side effects of any of them. These last for the duration of the longest-duration drug you've taken. Those that last other lengths will be noted. Continuing to take drugs past this point may result in death. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player.

55-85% Easily bruised Getting bumped up a bit roughly is enough for you to bruise.
55-85% Total numbness The primary reason people intentionally overdose on Berserk - the chance of total body numbness and inability to feel any kind of pain. The GM will not tell you when you're wounded unless you're specifically looking for damage.
35-65% Muddled memory People on Berserk often have problems thinking clearly. This gets bad enough on an overdose that they can simply become incapable, temporarily removing whatever General Knowledge skills you learned prior to the mission.
5-35% Blindness Overdose on Berserk has the occasional effect of putting the user into quite literally a "blind rage" - their vision blanks out for the duration of the overdose and they can't see.

Withdrawal effects

If you take too many drugs over the course of one or two missions, there's a chance you can become addicted and experience withdrawal symptoms. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player. Still others may happen at random for the duration of withdrawal. Withdrawal can be mitigated by taking another of the particular drug at some point during or before the next mission - or you can try waiting it out for a mission or two, until it goes away.

  • Duration: 1 month (1 full mission)
85-100% Chronic weakness: People addicted to berserk often feel like they're significantly weaker while off it, and for good reason: it damages your muscles. Effect: -1 to strength. The effect itself isn't consciously detectable and the GM will not inform the player of the results of this roll.
85-100% Sensitivity to pain: Your tenderized muscles are much more sensitive to pain as they scream out for another dose. All pain-based endurance rolls have a -1 penalty.
20-50% Suicidal tendencies: A small but significant portion of Berserk users find themselves prone to thoughts of suicide. This may happen at any time during withdrawal. The GM will not inform the player of the results of this roll beforehand The user must roll a willpower save in an attempt to keep from hurting themselves. Failing this, any nearby allies may be able to save them. Upon a successful save from either a saving throw or allies, the character will be able to go for 1d6+2 turns without another suicide attempt.



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