Bloodeye gives the appearance of letting time slow almost to a crawl for the user, giving them the ability to dodge bullets - or at least, the ability to feel like they can. It heightens strength - especially the user's arms - and lets them take a good deal more punishment than they might otherwise be able to. Its reputation as a street drug is unparalleled, both sought after and spoken of in fear and reverence: a "bad trip" on bloodeye brings along with it a high chance of death. For most people, that sucks, but for you, it's basically Tuesday.
  • Cost: 750 creds
  • Uses: 1
  • Requirements: Must be human.
  • Stats: +2 willpower
    +1 strength
    +1 endurance
    +1 intuition
    +1 unconventional
  • Duration: 2d6 turns
    Effects start at the beginning of the next turn.

Bloodeye is famously known for three things. First off, the simplest, is that it causes subconjunctival hemorrhaging: the blood vessels in the whites of your eyes burst, and your eyes turn red. Thus, the name: Bloodeye.

The second is for letting people "dodge bullets". The truth is: it does, sort of. Bloodeye messes with the cause/effect centers of the brain and also increases perception time like a mega-dose of caffeine to the brain. Instead of feeling like a hellish limbo, you're able to "dip" in and out of it at will, with "dip" being the popular term for it. The user will feel as though they were literally dodging bullets - and it may 100% seem that way to them - but realistically speaking, they're utilizing snap judgment to guess where the bullet will be fired, and utilizing the incredible strength Bloodeye gives you to dodge out of the way faster than they feel like they ought to be able to. And does it make you feel good? Hell yes: it also gives a massive boost to your confidence. Need to ask out that hot chick in Squad 4? You've come to the wrong place.

Wrong place? You heard right. That's one of the main drawbacks of bloodeye: you become irritated with everyone. If you're usually an irritable person, this will make it several times as bad. Everyone feels inferior to you and deserving of snarky, wrathful judgment. The slightest slip on someone else's part may come across as a grave insult, even if it wasn't intended that way. Things that aren't meant in a bad way at all may seem like death threats, and patience? Ha, yeah, that's gone too. If you offend someone on bloodeye they'll more than likely try to take immediate and unjustified "revenge" in a rather explosive fashion. Someone on bloodeye is nasty to be around. It's just not for the dating scene.

The last thing bloodeye is famous for is the fact that it's very easy to die from an overdose - even a slight one. Because bloodeye is injected directly into an artery, even in street form, there's not much you can do if it turns out you've taken too much. Coma is also on the list - this can last for months, though Tartarus Inc. has managed to get it down to only two weeks at most, without medical attention. The street form is even worse. Bloodeye is very rough on your heart: if a user dies from bloodeye, it's because their heart shredded itself. There can be no revival after this. The person may be able to be resurrected, but at the cost of their body.

Side effects while active

Side effects only take place for the duration of the drug, and stop afterwards. Side effects can stack between drugs. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player.

100% Bloodshot eyes Bloodeye's identifying mark, from which it got its name. Blood vessels in the eyes rupture as bloodeye takes effect, making it appear like the eye is filled with blood. Harmless, but the effect can last for several days.
100% Explosive behavior Bloodeye causes explosive behavior in its users, causing them to be able to flame up at the slightest offense or provocation. People already prone to angry outbursts will develop violent tendencies.
85-100% Skin rashes Rather than bruising, pressure on the skin very, very easily creates deep-red rashes that quickly spread all over the body. These fade after a few hours and are purely cosmetic.
85-100% Scathingly sarcastic This drug temporarily warps the personality of its users, making them fairly unpleasant in conversation. They become more sarcastic and scathing when they converse with others, giving a -1 penalty to charisma.
20-50% Headache Some percentage of users may experience splitting headaches while on bloodeye. This is fortunately not a sign of internal trauma and does little except provide something else to be pissed off about.

Overdose effects

If you take too many different drugs in a short amount of time, you have a chance of receiving the side effects of any of them. These last for the duration of the longest-duration drug you've taken. Those that last other lengths will be noted. Continuing to take drugs past this point may result in death. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player.

35-65% Severe chest pain Bloodeye is nasty stuff if you overdose on it. The lightest on the list, chest pain, is almost laughable compared to some of the other symptoms - even though it's practically crippling. This drug and the user's heart don't tend to get along well together. Causes enough fear to lower the person's morale for the duration of the drug.
35-65% Internal bleeding The user will begin to show discolored skin, may have random pains, and may find themselves coughing up blood. If already short on blood, the user may end up passing out entirely.
35-65% Paranoia Often, the universal hatred that bloodeye induces can spread to a distrust - and even fear - of their own allies. They may not strike out at their allies, but may begin believing that those around them are actively out to get them. If they already believe this, they will certainly strike out at their allies.
20-50% Irrational fear Overdose may cause bloodeye users to develop an irrational fear - typically debilitating. This can range from them thinking their skin will slough off their bones, to thinking a bogeyman is after them. The effect varies from one individual to the next, and can stack with paranoia. Individuals that already fear irrational things will come up with something even more outlandish.
20-50% Coma A good reason to never overdose with bloodeye. Comatose individuals can be revived with a triple dose of anti-shock meds, but at severe penalties: -1 to all actions for the rest of the mission. Coma is not instantaneous and may occur at any point during the overdose; the GM will not inform the user ahead of time.
20-50% Death The primary reason people try very hard not to overdose with bloodeye. Death is permanent, and although their brain can be revived by Tartarus Inc, they'll need a new body, as the heart will be essentially shredded. Death, naturally, overrides coma and all other symptoms. Death is not instantaneous and may occur at any point during the overdose; the GM will not inform the user ahead of time.

Withdrawal effects

If you take too many drugs over the course of one or two missions, there's a chance you can become addicted and experience withdrawal symptoms. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player. Still others may happen at random for the duration of withdrawal. Withdrawal can be mitigated by taking another of the particular drug at some point during or before the next mission - or you can try waiting it out for a mission or two, until it goes away.

  • Duration: 1 month (One full-sized REKT mission)
100% Fatigue While not outright sleepy, users recovering from a bloodeye addiction may find themselves slothful and sluggish. This is partly due to the insomnia. This "low energy" can translate to skill penalties if they can't manage to catch some sleep.
100% Insomnia Bloodeye withdrawal causes insomnia - an inability to sleep. Users may toss and turn and find themselves completely unable to get any shuteye, and when they do…
85-100% Nightmares For what little time bloodeye users manage to actually catch some sleep, they'll usually find themselves experiencing vivid, terrifying nightmares that they won't be able to laugh off.
85-100% Hunger Users on withdrawal ususally find themselves inexplicably hungry, as the body tries to rid itself of the toxins they've consumed, along with rebuilding itself.
20-50% Tremors If a former user experiences tremors - a shaking of the muscles - they will be incapable of performing handiwork or robotics rolls, due to an inability to hold their hands and arms steady.


Bloodeye has been around in one form or another since the 25th century, but only became popular in the mid-29th century, following the mass exodus from the dead and dying Old Earth. Newly-made spacers from earth embraced the brutality of the cosmos in brutal high-stakes arena death matches, injecting bloodeye to help them dodge bullets. In death matches such as these, the only rule was that you couldn't bring your own weapons. Drugs were, therefore, highly popular. Bloodeye doesn't last long - less than half an hour at most - so participants often brought multiple syringes of the stuff. Expensive? Hell yes - but the prize money often far outweighed the meager cost of a couple injections. Audiences would often make bets on how many injections someone could take before their heart exploded - or if they'd wise up and stop taking it before it was too late. The combat arena secured bloodeye's fame, and it's lasted for the three centuries since then.

Following its use in combat arenas, bloodeye migrated - not inwards, but outwards, toward the galactic rim - to pirates, roving gangs, and common brawlers. Everyone that's heard of bloodeye knows that it lets you dodge bullets, and no matter which station you find yourself at in the rim, you're always likely to find a street vendor selling you a "cheap dose"… if you're brave enough to take it.

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