If the ancient Viscount of Le Hazzeurd had a night life as a drug chemist, this would probably be what he'd create. Enhanced strength, muscle tone, agility, driving ability and some charisma to top it all off, someone on crash looks wide-awake and naturally classy in the best kind of way - as long as you don't look too closely. There's hardly any wonder why it's one of the most popular racing drugs out there, even if it's a bit expensive. This narcotic bumps you up with 30% of the skill you can expect to gain from your REKT career for the low price of 2000 credits.
  • Cost: 1000 creds
  • Uses: 1
  • Requirements: Be a human.
  • Stats: +2 endurance
    +1 strength
    +1 agility
    +1 charisma
    +1 auxiliary
    +1 to piloting ability (all rolls involving in-ship dodging, maneuvering, or melee)
  • Duration: 1d3+2d6 turns
    Effects start at the beginning of the next turn.

Dance, baby. The name "crash" may seem like a bit of a misnomer: it makes you significantly less likely to crash. It gives you more energy. It makes you feel lighthearted. It primes you and puts you in a frame of mind where you're able to be suave and cool - unless you just suck at talking to people already. It makes you more springy and agile, and is known for helping you endure incredible amounts of pain just because you feel like it. More than one impromptu interrogation session has had to be canceled because some smartmouth punk revealed they were on crash.

But what does it do, exactly? Well, that depends on who you ask. Doctors would say something along the lines of increased nerve conductivity, along with a highly potent cocktail of stimulants, including serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. Anyone else? It makes you feel chill, cool, ready to take on the world by lifting a finger and ready to dance the night away. Everything feels easy. It's less about trying, and more about doing. People on Crash feel like good things "just happen". Things that are skill begin to feel like luck - "I'm just lucky that way" is a startlingly common phrase among crash enthusiasts and addicts. Arguably one of the best parts about Crash is that you can't really tell when someone's on it, unless you're specifically looking for the symptoms: wide eyes, heavy breathing, atypically restless. The third requires you to know the person, the second can be explained away by how they seem to have an excess of energy, and the wide eyes? Nah, they're just really alert. None of it looks particularly suspicious unless you're suspicious already.

But this lovely little drug has a dark underbelly: a lengthy withdrawal coupled with some serious symptoms. These symptoms include constant pain, depression, and sleepiness. It's not as bad as some drugs for sure, but it's enough to make someone completely useless on a mission - unless they can get another shot of the stuff. Given that it lasts for two months, most addicts will choose to take another dose to make it go away.

Side effects while active

Side effects only take place for the duration of the drug, and stop afterwards. Side effects can stack between drugs. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player.

100% Wide eyes Crash makes a person's eyes go wider than normal. For some people, it simply makes them look very awake and alert. For others, it makes them look a bit batty.
100% Heavy breathing Unless the user is actively thinking about it, their breathing becomes fairly heavy; this is a telltale sign that someone's on crash.
85-100% Atypically reckless Looking a bit batty goes hand in hand with acting that way. Users on crash feel a need to show off and look "cool" - and more so than usual, even. Most users will be at least more reckless than a "normal person" - people that are usually super-safe can't simply say "I turned around that corner a little faster than might be perfectly safe!" - they'd be gunning it at full blast.

Overdose effects

If you take too many different drugs in a short amount of time, you have a chance of receiving the side effects of any of them. These last for the duration of the longest-duration drug you've taken. Those that last other lengths will be noted. Continuing to take drugs past this point may result in death. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player.

35-65% Hallucinations The individual may begin hallucinating. What's more, they'll fully believe the hallucinations and will have difficulty separating them from reality even if they're aware of the effects. The GM will not reveal whether the character is hallucinating, nor will they reveal what the hallucinations include.
20-50% Reduced awareness Overdosing makes the senses sluggish - particularly sight and sound. Any fast-paced action involving these gets a -1 penalty - for example, dodging or aiming a gun. The GM will not reveal whether this is in effect.

Withdrawal effects

If you take too many drugs over the course of one or two missions, there's a chance you can become addicted and experience withdrawal symptoms. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player. Still others may happen at random for the duration of withdrawal. Withdrawal can be mitigated by taking another of the particular drug at some point during or before the next mission - or you can try waiting it out for a mission or two, until it goes away.

  • Duration: 2 months (Two full-sized REKT missions)
55-85% Constant pain There is a high probability that the user may find themselves in constant pain. It's not enough to be curled up in the floor crying, but it's definitely enough to prove distracting. This gives a -1 to all rolls the character attempts - be they offensive or defensive. Such users may feel significantly less inclined to join in combat because they've "got the aches" or they've "lost their mojo".
35-65% Lethargy Those that haven't experienced the full crash of Crash haven't experienced true lethargy. Along with feeling constantly sleepy, they'll need to take at least one nap during the mission during their withdrawal or risk penalties at the GM's discretion. These penalties will not be announced - nor will whether or not it's in effect.
35-65% Depression Along with the other symptoms, crash withdrawal makes you feel like there's not really much point in doing anything… besides sleeping, of course. Sleeping can help the pain go away, too - at least, as long as you're asleep.


Crash was developed by the megacorporation AuraxaCo in the late 30th century. With troops returning home from the Galactic Cleansing, they figured it would be an excellent time to release their latest product: crash. Their version of crash was just as addictive, but lasted longer - with worse long-term side effects that would occur even without addiction. Nevertheless, it became incredibly popular among ship pilots - especially those in racing tournaments.

Ingame example

Ingame example

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