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This drug is illegal in 93% of human-controlled space. It turns people into murderous psychopaths. It's legal here, though, because most of you are murderous psychopaths already. Honestly, the worst it could do is make you have more in common with your teammates! It also gives you a pretty sick sword arm - and makes you even better with a club. Take a dose of this shit and you'll be a merciless killing machine. Your allies might want to stand back a few paces, though, because they won't feel so great if they happen to get in your way.
  • Cost: 250 creds
  • Uses: 1
  • Requirements: Be a human
  • Stats: +2 strength
    +1 agility
    +1 unconventional
  • Duration: 2d3 turns
    Effects start at the beginning of the next turn.

Extended details

Side effects while active

Side effects only take place for the duration of the drug, and stop afterwards. Side effects can stack between drugs. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player.

100% Psychotic rage The guaranteed hallmark of someone "possessed by" Psycho. This psychotic rage is what the drug gets both its name and popularity from. Very popular in gang warfare. Stick some psycho and wreck 'em up.
100% Loss of empathy Part of Psycho: you become psychotic and unempathetic towards everyone around you. If someone's on psycho, pretending to be helpless and innocent won't save you.
85-100% Bad comprehension For the great majority of injections, the user will find themselves having great difficulty in listening to, understanding, or even hearing anyone around them. Rather, they lose all control, and have difficulty distinguishing between friend and foe - if they can at all. Usually it's a good idea to keep your allies somewhere safe while you're off raging without them, because you'll erupt like a volcano at the slightest provocation.
20-50% Tremors Psycho can make your hands tremble to the point that you simply can't hold and manipulate fine tools. You fail all robotics and handiwork rolls for the duration of the drug.

Overdose effects

If you take too many different drugs in a short amount of time, you have a chance of receiving the side effects of any of them. These last for the duration of the longest-duration drug you've taken. Those that last other lengths will be noted. Continuing to take drugs past this point may result in death. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player.

100% Addiction tolerance Overdose on psycho has the unfortunate effect of increasing the user's tolerance to the drug. Each time they overdose, they will need to take an extra shot of psycho to see any effect at all. Any "non-funcional" injections will not count towards overdose or withdrawal.
35-65% Self-harm The individual may be seized by an uncontrollable desire to mutilate themselves, carving up their flesh or worse. However, they won't feel any of this for the duration of the drug and overdose.
35-65% Hallucinations Some users experience vivid, lifelike hallucinations that may not be discernible from reality even if the person knows the difference. They are complete hallucinations - sight, sound, touch, and smell are all affected. The GM will not inform the player whether this is in effect.
35-65% Memory loss There is a chance that, following the completion of the overdose effects, the user can undergo complete memory loss of the events that transpired while they were on psycho, starting at the very beginning.
35-65% Anxiety A number of users may experience upon overdosing, rather than a deep need to kill and destroy, a primal need to flee and protect themselves. This will be accompanied with horrible anxiety. They may be coherent enough to wonder if they have perhaps hurt their own allies, but will in this case fear that their allies will do something terrible to them - or perhaps the enemy will. It varies from one to the next.
5-35% Heart attack There is a slight chance that the overdoser may experience a fatal heart attack. There are only two solutions to this. A: have a doctor handy with an advanced medkit. B. Let them die. This will happen 1-3 turns after the overdose begins, with no prior warnings. The GM will keep this roll private until it is needed.
5-35% Nerve degeneration Psycho overdose has a chance of permanently burning out motor nerves in the arms or legs. This equates to a permanent -1 to either strength, agility, or speed, with equal chance to each. The GM will inform the player if this happens, and it can be fixed by purchasing and surgically installing fresh replacements for the affected limb(s).

Withdrawal effects

If you take too many drugs over the course of one or two missions, there's a chance you can become addicted and experience withdrawal symptoms. Some effects may be immediately obvious. Others, the GM may record privately and must be discerned by the player. Still others may happen at random for the duration of withdrawal. Withdrawal can be mitigated by taking another of the particular drug at some point during or before the next mission - or you can try waiting it out for a mission or two, until it goes away.

  • Duration: 1-2 months (1-2 full-sized REKT missions)
100% Poor concentration A jittery mind makes the Psycho addict's ability to concentrate rather weak. Their thoughts may dance from one thing to the next, they may bite their fingernails in vexation or make other nervous habits, and most importantly, they get a -1 penalty to all actions. This is the primary reason psycho addicts tend to stay psycho addicts. After all, who would sit through these symptoms when they could simply take more Psycho?
35-65% Lengthy withdrawal The length of the withdrawal varies from one individual to the next. It may take only one month to recover from the symptoms, or it may take two. The GM will not tell the player how long it will take.
35-65% Sleepwalking Some individuals may find themselves sleepwalking at night. This can put them in some particularly perilous positions. This will not happen every time they sleep; it will happen up to 1d6 times. The GM will keep both rolls private.
35-65% Nightmares Every new night/day, this is rerolled. The nightmares are particularly intense and will visibly shake the addict, giving them a -1 to charisma for the next day.



Ingame example

Ingame example

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