Battle Drugs

This is a page to list out all the battle drugs - syringes using the drugs system introduced prior to REKT's fifth season.

Battle drugs

Battle drugs are narcotics designed to give you an edge - not merely for pleasure. Some of them may make you feel great, but others may make you feel terrible. The point of all of them is the same: they give you a boost. They aren't without drawbacks, however: Overdose and Addiction

100 creds - Filter

If your drug is lasting longer than you'd like, simply inject a Filter and be done with it. Essentially a stream of liquid nanobiotics, they'll cleanse your bloodstream of whatever you've taken and get flushed out through your kidneys. Only takes to the end of the turn to take action and quickly clears your mind of any immediate side effects - and any extra boosts. This could be seen as a negative thing for some, but if you're worried about how long it'll last, it's a good thing to have. Illegal on most planets, but Tartarus Inc. has the advantage of being based in deep space. Keep in mind, though: it won't wipe away the potential for withdrawal symptoms, and for overdose effects, it will only shorten their duration by half per injected filter.

250 creds - Berserk

When some people see a beautiful work of art, they feel inspired - most, to create, but you? You just want to smash it - be it building, lady, or your enemy's faces. Sound like you? This is your jam. Though cheap, it doesn't last long - only a few minutes at most - so get the most use out of it that you can. Punching walls? Ripping doors off their hinges? Hell. Fucking. Yes. You can pretty much expect to do almost anything with this, except finish your education.

  • Stats: +3 strength, +2 speed, +1 willpower
  • Duration: 1d3 turns
  • Common side effects: Aggressive behavior, loss of inhibition, enlarged muscles, muscle aches
  • Common overdose effects: Easily bruised, total numbness, muddled memory
  • Common withdrawal effects: Chronic weakness, sensitivity to pain

250 creds - Psycho

This drug is illegal in 93% of human-controlled space. It turns people into murderous psychopaths. It's legal here, though, because most of you are murderous psychopaths already. Honestly, the worst it could do is make you have more in common with your teammates! It also gives you a pretty sick sword arm - and makes you even better with a club. Take a dose of this shit and you'll be a merciless killing machine. Your allies might want to stand back a few paces, though, because they won't feel so great if they happen to get in your way.

  • Stats: +2 strength, +1 agility, +1 unconventional
  • Duration: 2d3 turns
  • Common side effects: Psychotic rage, loss of empathy, bad comprehension
  • Common overdose effects: Addiction tolerance, self-harm, hallucinations, memory loss, anxiety
  • Common withdrawal effects: Poor concentration, lengthy withdrawal, sleepwalking, nightmares

500 creds - Penta K

You're not a stone cold killer in a graveyard thriller, but hell, you want to be. Given the opportunity you'd don a black trenchcoat, classy hat, and go all-out Van Helsing on your enemies. A better man would let it go, or better yet, actually get it done. You are not a better man. …but you know how to become one. With Penta K, if you want to kill one, two, or even five in an eyeblink - you can get it done. Pairs quite well with other drugs. Makes you a classy murderer, and makes you look the part. Good luck on finding that trenchcoat, though - we don't have them in stock.

  • Stats: +1 conventional, +1 unconventional
  • Duration: 1d3+3d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Slowed breathing, pale skin, pleased by violence, insomnia, loss of smell, loss of taste, deaf to quiet sound
  • Common overdose effects: Grand delusions, aggressive tactics, full-body numbness
  • Common withdrawal effects: Sensitivity to noise, complete hangover, bad reaction time

500 creds - Rabbit

At once the best and worst drug ever created. Why? You leave me alone, but you're still annoying as all hell. Originally marketed as a sex enhancer, Rabbit makes you fast, hungry, and cowardly… like a rabbit. It gives you better endurance and a surprising excess of energy - enough to dwarf the effects of caffeine. You avoid dangerous situations, but you love to talk - especially to that girl from squad 4. And you know what? You become charismatic enough on this stuff that you might actually get her this time.

  • Stats: +1 endurance, +1 speed, +1 charisma
  • Duration: 3d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Cowardice, inability to sit still, pica disorder
  • Common overdose effects: Delicate bones, jittery motion
  • Common withdrawal effects: Anxiety

500 creds - Screech

Screech focuses entirely on getting your legs moving, which you, of all people, should find helpful. Remember when you got shot up last mission because you forgot what cover was, and the doc wasn't sure if you'd make it? Not next time, motherfucker. Take one of these and you can dodge fire from foe and friendly alike. You'll also scream about it: Screech messes with your hearing a fair deal, and you'll be shouting without even realizing it. Gotta go fast? Gotta take Screech. And keep your volume down, you're too loud.

  • Stats: +2 speed, +1 agility, +1 intuition
  • Duration: 2d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Extra addictive, loud shouting, facial tension, bared teeth, dulled hearing
  • Common overdose effects: Trouble breathing, hearing loss, noise-sensitive, headache
  • Common withdrawal effects: Headache, suicidal tendencies, irrational fear, fatigue, tinnitus, itchy skin

750 creds - Bloodeye

Bloodeye gives the appearance of letting time slow almost to a crawl for the user, giving them the ability to dodge bullets - or at least, the ability to feel like they can. It heightens strength - especially the user's arms - and lets them take a good deal more punishment than they might otherwise be able to. Its reputation as a street drug is unparalleled, both sought after and spoken of in fear and reverence: a "bad trip" on bloodeye brings along with it a high chance of death. For most people, that sucks, but for you, it's basically Tuesday.

  • Stats: +2 willpower, +1 strength, +1 endurance, +1 intuition, +1 unconventional
  • Duration: 2d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Bloodshot eyes, explosive behavior, skin rashes, scathingly sarcastic
  • Common overdose effects: Severe chest pain, internal bleeding, paranoia
  • Common withdrawal effects: Fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, hunger

750 creds - Hax

Hax has been around for centuries, and everybody's heard of it - probably you too, even. Originally a competitive gamer drug, it expanded elsewhere for hunters and trackers, artists - anything that requires fast fingers and a really good eye. Hax sharpens your eyesight and visual processing centers to unnatural heights, and makes your fingers fly while you work out logical puzzles. Great for hackers and puts you in a good mood, too. That's how you know I'm never on it.

  • Stats: +2 perception, +1 hacking, +1 speed
  • Duration: 3d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Hunger, jovial mood
  • Common overdose effects: Urge to take more, abusive behavior
  • Common withdrawal effects: Increasing addiction duration, aversion to eating, nausea, stomach pains

750 creds - Locus

So, where's the rebel base? If you didn't know before, you'll find out soon after taking this. Locus increases focus, so you stop chasing space butterflies like a space squirrel and actually pay attention for once. Your mind - and tongue - will race, as you deftly weave around their lies to find the truth. It makes you both more intimidating and more persuasive. You'll have… ways… of making them talk… and it'll only escalate to torture if you feel like it. But, let's be honest: you probably will.

  • Stats: +2 charisma, +1 speed
  • Duration: 1d3+4d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Facial tics, clearing of throat, sensitivity to light
  • Common overdose effects: Shaky legs, demanding behavior, delusions: guilt, severe withdrawal
  • Common withdrawal effects: Strong regrets, poor judgment, shivering, tactlessness

1000 creds - Crash

If the ancient Viscount of Le Hazzeurd had a night life as a drug chemist, this would probably be what he'd create. Enhanced strength, muscle tone, agility, driving ability and some charisma to top it all off, someone on crash looks wide-awake and naturally classy in the best kind of way - as long as you don't look too closely. There's hardly any wonder why it's one of the most popular racing drugs out there, even if it's a bit expensive. This narcotic bumps you up with 30% of the skill you can expect to gain from your REKT career for the low price of 2000 credits.

  • Stats: +2 endurance, +1 strength, +1 agility, +1 charisma, +1 auxiliary, +1 to piloting ability
  • Duration: 1d3+2d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Wide eyes, heavy breathing, atypically reckless
  • Common overdose effects: Hallucinations
  • Common withdrawal effects: Constant pain, lethargy, depression

1000 creds - Red sand

Become a psionic god - or at least, feel like it if it's your first time. This drug (highly illegal even in the rimworlds) enhances a person's psionic ability and their reflexes. It also puts them into a delusional, hallucinatory state where usually believe they're all powerful. Great for a laugh, usually, unless they go mad with power and embark on a psionics-fueled rampage that requires only the most primitive of amps to be destructive. It also makes you awfully hard to throw out an airlock.

  • Stats: +2 agility, +1 willpower, +1 exotics
  • Duration: 1d3+3d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Delusions of godhood, iris color change, ostentation
  • Common overdose effects: Extra addictiveness, hallucinations, delusions: apathy, hair loss
  • Common withdrawal effects: Irrational fear, drunken monologuing, delusions of impotence

1000 creds - Tick

Tick tock, motherfucker. Your time is running out if you're against a guy using tick. Sets up a shot like no other. Their hearing is enhanced almost beyond mortal ability, and their intuition is even better. Sometimes used by laser snipers, sometimes used by fortune tellers. Sometimes used by the guy that's going to kill you. Best of all, when you take it, you finally shut up and sit still. Buy as many as you can carry and share them with your friends! Maybe I'll have some peace for once.

  • Stats: +2 intuition, +1 perception, +1 conventional
  • Duration: 4d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Motionlessness, sound sensitivity, bloody nose
  • Common overdose effects: Dizziness, lethargy, paranoia
  • Common withdrawal effects: Tinnitus, anxiety, dehydration, formication, fidgeting

1250 creds - Synch

It's that new drug that came out from Osiris Corp - the one that nobody can pronounce. You've surely heard the tagline: "Everything's a cinch when you're in sync with Synch." We don't represent Osiris Corp (honestly, we stole their formula), but we're willing to give you a taste, for a price. Synch makes it a bit difficult to do anything but think, and makes you a good deal calmer - with a minimum of negative effects. Great for hackers that want to play with fire, or pyromaniacs that want to go digital.

  • Stats: +2 hacking, +1 willpower, +1 exotics
  • Duration: 4d6 turns
  • Common side effects: Dilated pupils, social lag
  • Common overdose effects: Nausea
  • Common withdrawal effects: Trouble thinking straight

Other drugs


A wooden/straw-like stick. It's a very mild euphoriant and helps with focus. It's usually chewed, but can also be smoked in a pinch; smoking gives some harmful effects, but strengthens the euphoric aspect. Common out in the rim, especially among richer clientele; properly manufacturing it (without harmful side effects) is fairly difficult. It's known to be hit-and-miss with humans; to about 50% of humans it has the predicted effect. To the other 50%, it has no effect whatsoever.
It's a very mild euphoriant and helps with focus, from what Men'ko has said offhand, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the three inmates - possibly because they aren't chewing it, because it doesn't work on humans, or both.

Black Flake

Black flake is named for its appearance - it looks like glossy soot-black flakes, often covered with its own dust (it powders fairly easily). Semi-common in the rim, easily mass-produced in vast quantities, makes users feel a sort of euphoric high (and impaired judgment), can run out kind of fast because overdosing is "hard" and people just feel happier (and have even poorer judgment) the more they take, leading them to take "too much", thus, overdosing is actually fairly easy.

Most often crushed and inhaled, but can also be "chewed", if you don't mind the horrendous taste and the fact that the core of the flakes are basically hard as jawbreakers. Liquefying and injecting is possible but dangerous. Has strong effects on hiltorel, fysar, bhezians, gorvans, and azquad, although not that strong of effect on some of the other species. Humans receive a weaker version of the happiness/enthusiasm stuff, but sadly a slightly more-impaired judgment.

Given its form and ability to spread through small airborne particles, it's popular in pirate ships and the like; just dump a crate near a vent and pound on the flakes with a hammer, and suddenly the whole ship is feeling happy.

Very psychologically addictive; makes you feel like you'll never be happy again while you're coming down off of it (if you take too much). Can cause severe depression if used frequently enough. Quitting cold turkey after high exposure for a prolonged period can cause suicide in many cases.