Mimir Gunship
Name: Sormer-Class Destroyer
Faction: Mimir corporation
Energy Energy
Durability Durability
Maneuverability Maneuverability
Hacking Hacking
Computer Computer
PSI Unit PSI Unit
Robotics Robotics
Engine Engine
Charisma Charisma
Intuition Intuition
Handiwork Handiwork
Conventional Conventional
Unconventional Unconventional
Exotic Exotic
General Knowledge General Knowledge
Auxiliary Auxiliary

Physical description

Like most Mimir designs, the bow of the Mimir Sormer-Class Destroyer somewhat resembles the open mouth of a serpent.

The Gunship has two primary spinal railcannons intended for use against large, armored targets, one secondary heavy turret intended for use against smaller, more agile craft, and several smaller turrets intended to take out small fighters that venture close. It is heavily armored against this type of craft; attempting to attack with one is almost guaranteed to end in failure unless you swarm the vessel with a large group and destroy it before it has a chance to get its turrets fully operation.

In terms of engines, the gunship is equipped with four powerful long-range thrusters, enabling it to cross a battlefield quickly or evade if necessary; it is also capable of warp travel, and has a backup warp engine in case the primary is damaged, enabling a rapid escape if deemed necessary.

The destroyer is boarded primarily through a small docking station located in the bow of the ship, under heavy protection of AA turrets. The area is easily defensible and capable of taking out most ships that attempt an attack, making it mostly useless to consider boarding except through the use of precise blink teleportation.


The Sormer-Class Destroyer is slow, but powerful; it tends to stay farther back in fights, preferably directly before the capital ships, and take out larger ships from a distance. In long-ranged firepower it can equal carriers, particularly against armored targets, but it often finds itself lacking against smaller targets. Typically, frigates or corvettes would be used as a counter to smaller fighters, but this particular destroyer can generally hold its own against smaller squads.

If in a convoy, the gunship typically takes a position as rearguard, near the trailing end of the formation. It acts as a buffer to protect the convoy itself; if large ships attempt to dock beside other ships in the convoy or force boarding parties, the gunship is typically capable of taking them out in a few rounds.

Due to their cheap fielding costs, it is rare to see a single destroyer at a time; they generally come in groups of twos and are even listed as "twins" or "pairs" by Mimir military; a pair of ships typically spends their entire functional lives together, growing more acutely aware of each other's patterns and behaviors as time goes on, which makes them particularly effective in group combat. However, this also means that destroying one of the two is typically an effective tactic for disabling the second. When one Sormer-Class is seen on its own, it generally means it is traveling to a new location, either to regroup or relocate, typically because its twin was taken out of action.

Possible Equipment

1 main turret
2 large railguns
1 small top turret
2 small side turrets on each side
1 small front-facing turret on each side

Suggested tactics

  • Swarm the damn thing before it can blow you up!
  • Attack quickly; if turrets are offline, they will take some time to start
  • The main turret has ammunition storage underneath it, shoot it for a big boom.
  • While powerful, this gunship is particularly slow. Easily avoided as long as you don't get near it or stay in one place for too long.

Mission History

Encountered in mission 2