Faction: Mimir Corporation
Energy 1 - 3
Durability 1 - 3
Maneuverability -1 - 0
Hacking -1 - 2
Computer -1 - 1
PSI Unit -1 - 1
Robotics -1 - 1
Engine -1 - 0
Charisma -1 - 2
Intuition 1 - 3
Handiwork -1 - 2
Conventional 1 - 3
Unconventional -1 - 1
Exotic -1 - 0
General Knowledge -1 - 1
Auxiliary -1 - 1

Physical description

A strongly armored fighter, standard model of Mimir corp. Designed primarily for atmospheric use with a secondary focus on flight in a vacuum. Overall better than Tartarus's CASKET in all cases except agility in space; also more expensive and less expendable. One HAMMER can cost as much as five CASKETs to produce in many cases, through more durable frames, add-ons, better weaponry and armor, and their focus on safety and comfort.

In an atmosphere, a HAMMER is very capable of making tight turns and moving at high velocities; their engines can make use of air cooling systems to let them put out a substantial amount of thrust, making them more effective than CASKET engines. In addition, the majority of their weapons can be retracted into their wings, making their shape far more streamlined and increasing their maximum rate of acceleration even further. The gimbaled engines give them another major advantage over CASKETs.

A HAMMER typically has one to six weapons - often dual-mounted. Two of these are standard frontal rocket pods; the contents of these pods vary depending on pilot preference and availability. There are also up to four wing-recessed guns or missile pods. These can be extended or retracted at the pilot's whim, giving them both more maneuverability and better protection.

On another note, all HAMMERs come with a large built-in, air-tight storage bay in their fuselage that can be used to store various ship upgrades, loot, or bombs. If necessary the bay can be used to transport up to two passengers, or to serve as a bed for the pilot. This is Mimir's more comfortable, thoughtful alternative to Aux slots. If a Tartarus pilot were to want a nap, they would have to sleep in their CASKET's cockpit.

Finally, the cockpits of CASKETs and HAMMERs are entirely different. While CASKETs force the pilot to lie almost flat, HAMMER cockpits are generally more comfortable and allow the pilot to sit upright in their seat, facing forward. They even have cupholders and a microwave for longer missions. It is almost universally agreed upon that the HAMMER is far more comfortable than the CASKET.


Uses tactics and special equipment to gain an advantage. Loadout varies from ship to ship, and tactics vary depending on the pilot. As is typical for Mimir, their ship-based weaponry focuses on heavy use of missiles and projectile weaponry. Lasers and plasma weaponry are uncommon, and psionic weaponry is completely nonexistent, as Mimir tends to focus on more traditional methods for arms and firepower.

One of the favorite tactics of Mimir pilots - especially younger ones - is to ram their enemy's ship outright and count on the HAMMER's durability and armor to see them through the collision. In theory, this often works. In practice, however, Mimir pilots rarely manage to actually ram their targets if in space. In an atmosphere, however, it can be a different story entirely.

Possible Equipment

Missile Launchers
Machine Gun
Personal Shield
Armoured Plating
Hacking Probes
Blink Teleporter

Suggested tactics

  • Focus fire and have higher numbers.
  • Weaponry that takes advantage of their low maneuverability (such as slow projectile weaponry or melee) works well.
  • Any ramming attacks are particularly easy to dodge in space, but younger pilots may attempt them anyway.
  • High maneuverability also helps dodging their missiles.
  • Most low-level Mimir pilots are simply combat-oriented mercenaries, but higher-level pilots tend to diversify into various areas - especially hacking.
  • In an atmosphere, making use of maneuvers that Mimir pilots find uncomfortable (vertical ascent or descent) can greatly assist in your ability to dodge.
  • Attacking HAMMERs in an atmosphere is typically suicide.
  • As Mimir weaponry is not very diversified, it's simple enough to choose a loadout effective against it.

Mission History

Encountered in large numbers in mission 2.