Mimir Shieldmaiden
Name: Mimir Shieldmaiden
Faction: Mimir Corporation
Energy Energy
Durability Durability
Maneuverability Maneuverability
Hacking Hacking
Computer Computer
PSI Unit PSI Unit
Robotics Robotics
Engine Engine
Charisma Charisma
Intuition Intuition
Handiwork Handiwork
Conventional Conventional
Unconventional Unconventional
Exotic Exotic
General Knowledge General Knowledge
Auxiliary Auxiliary

Physical description

The Mimir Shieldmaiden-class corvette is a small utility ship, designed to project extremely powerful shields over its allies to defend them either from access or direct assault.

The shieldmaiden has a rear-entry bridge, meant to be manned by three or more persons. It has no airlock; air does not exist in the vessel, and crew members typically wear spacesuits. This dramatically increases chances of survival in case of a hull breach. On its sides there are six shield projectors that work in tandem. They are capable of projecting a shield bubble strong enough to withstand a direct impact even from a heavy dreadnought gun. Unfortunately, due to power limitations, it struggles when enveloping both itself and a distant target; this typically makes it the focus of attacks and limits it to the use of protecting smaller ships such as freighters, fighters, and destroyers.

The engine rooms are located in the rear of the ship, accessed via a narrow maintenance corridor that connects to the bridge. These are typically manned by two or more people and contain the turret and shield controls. The placement of these systems in the rear of the ship ensures the functionality of the shields until the ship is completely destroyed, even after the bridge and navigation controls fall. There is also a small bunking area beneath the engine room for prolonged missions, accessed via a hatch.


Shieldmaidens are slow and unwieldy, not having much in the way of maneuvering thrusters and completely lacking warp capability. They land on larger carriers in order to move long distances, and count on other ships to defend them.

Possible Equipment

Two top-mounted dual missile turrets and one smaller underside-mounted single missile turret.

Suggested tactics

Suggested tactics

Mission History

Shieldmaiden-class corvettes were first introduced in mission 2. Foreigner and Dinosawer's squad both stole one, with Squidhead manning the latter for nearly the duration while Foreigner's was destroyed by Mimir HAMMERs.