Advanced Repair Kit
It's a lot like the ordinary repair kit, but more advanced. That's right, Einstein – the extra cost actually goes towards something useful. Can be used to fix more severe problems like broken motors or hull breaches.
  • Creds: 3000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: Goes on one of your ship's two storage mounts. Cannot mount if something is already there.
  • Rolls: Handiwork Skill

Additional Details

  • Contains spare motors, servos, and even the materials to install a new CASKET primary generator
  • Contains a single high-quality nanotool that can reform itself to fit absolutely any screw, bolt or nail
  • Blowtorch and welding gear come standard with practically infinite energy, radiated by short-range energy transmitter
  • Has parts for multiple large patches and duct tape
  • Superheating adhesive strips can be applied to area and triggered to melt the area around it; press two parts together while heating to fix broken parts
  • Nanite Foam capable of detecting issues in electric circuitry and repairing
  • Heavy as all hell - don't expect to move this very far
  • And of course, contains duct tape + sealing resin

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