Afterburner System
For when fast just isn't fast enough. Hit a shiny little button on your console and you'll suddenly find your cheeks shaking as you're pressed back into your seat, unable to think or even breathe for all of about five glorious seconds. After that you stop accelerating and special dampeners return your ship to something closer to a normal speed. Excellent for just about anything, up to and including crashing your brother's wedding.
  • Creds: 2500
  • Ammo: Generator
  • Requirements: Auxiliary +0
  • Rolls: Engines Stat

Additional Details

  • Distance scales entirely based on the mission scale, but will typically permit you to travel anywhere from 125% to 150% what your teammates can travel
  • Adds a good speed advantage to you over your allies
  • Instant escape if fleeing enemies; first layer doubles the distance traveled

Ingame Example


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