Anti Shock Meds
A hypodermic needle designed for injection into a suit's medical port. Helps you deal with the trauma of watching your best friend's face turn to spaghetti sauce so you look like a badass mofo instead of a wimp.
  • Creds: 200
  • Ammo: One syringe
  • Requirements: None
  • Rolls: None required.

Additional Details

  • Easily administered regardless of how stupid you are at medicine
  • Takes a turn to start working
  • Goes in one of your pouches; does not take an infantry item slot
  • Non-refillable, but can easily save a life
  • Use it once and it works for up to forty minutes
  • If applied prior to shock, can keep you awake and alert guaranteed for 10 minutes
  • Does not keep you from panicking

Ingame Example


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