Armored Bodypart
Live your childhood dream of being Superman with these specially-designed robotic limbs. Far tougher than their replacement counterparts, these things give you a significant enough boost to your durability that you could almost take on a bullet swarm without flinching - provided you could get them all to hit that one particular limb, anyway.
  • Creds: 500
  • Ammo: One bodypart
  • Requirements: None
  • Rolls: None

Additional Details

  • Not as strong as ship armour, but strong enough for ground combat
  • Getting hit by an EMP has a chance of impairing the limb (this rolls durability)
  • You cannot wear any suit over these
  • About equal to light armor, except no weak point in the joints
  • To a decent degree, will protect against:
    • Infantry lasers and light plasma weapons
    • Shrapnel
    • Small-particle weaponry
    • Ghosts
    • Evil spirits
  • Will stop glancing blows from:
    • Infantry ballistic weaponry
    • Heavy lasers or heavy plasma weapons
    • Swords and other standard melee weaponry
  • Will not at all stop
    • Pretty much anything launched at you from a ship, and especially not an electrolaser or equivalent
    • Gauss weapons
    • Electron swords or similar
    • Knives to the face
    • Me from doing your mom

Ingame Example

And that's when a plasma minibomb explodes at your feet. Fortunately, you have an armored leg, and it does practically no damage to that leg. Maybe a little scarring, but nothing a good polish won't fix. You're more concerned about the slight damage it does to your other leg, which, although it was farther away from the blast, does get cut up a little. You grit your teeth at the pain … — GTD Mission 2, Turn 16

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