Assault Rifle
This is the standard jarhead weapon. Prone to spraying rounds haphazardly across a wide area, and may get jammed on occasion, requiring you to take cover and try to fix it. Very good at killing other humans, and it's hard to miss with, as you have so many rounds flying everywhere. Not so good at killing anything with armor. Note: Yelling and grimacing while you fire doesn't tend to make you any scarier to that spaceship. Best to just hide.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: Enough rounds for three full-auto shots before reloading
  • Rolls: Attacker's Conventional Weaponry and Strength vs Defender's Intuition and Maneuverability

   For regular use, rolls Conventional only.

Additional Details

  • Excels at spraying lots of bullets over a short period of time
  • Hard to miss with, especially at closer ranges
  • Usually penetrates light armor
  • Typically does not penetrate heavy armor
  • Good all-purpose weapon
  • Doesn't work as well on tiny targets
  • 30 rounds; can fire single shots without reloading, but not having on full auto incurs an aim penalty (-2)
  • For GM sanity purposes, does not fire "tiny bursts" of three rounds; I'll make you shoot yourself in the foot while you're trying to figure out how to set it to that

Ingame Example

You wait for him to pass and then lean out around the side, wielding both your weapons like some kind of Rambo as you let out a pained, warlike yell. Several of the drones take a few hits from the spray of bullets from your assault rifle … — GTD Mission 1, Turn 49

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