Biocellular Psyamp
While large and unwieldy for what it does, the biocellular psyamp is a uniquely powerful weapon capable of manipulating the cellular structure of living tissue. Want to give your enemy an embolism? Grow fingers in their brains? Maybe just make your girlfriend more attractive, like that hot chick in squad 4? Well, now you can. Comes with a decent recharge time and backfires easily, but lets you be the medic (or mad doctor) you always wanted to be.
  • Creds: 15000
  • Ammo: Best if used once per turn to give it time to recharge and regenerate matter
  • Requirements: +3 PSI Unit
  • Rolls: Attacker's PSI Unit and Exotic vs defender's Willpower and Durability

Additional Details

  • Does not generate new matter; typically repurposes existing matter
  • Built-in Blink Teleporter can teleport grown flesh to the area of your choice
  • Cartridge has store of flesh growing within it at all times
  • Can give people a total face remodel or extra tentacles
  • Turns you into the perfect medic
  • Can fix and repair bones and gaping wounds
  • Best of all, can do all sorts of nasty things to enemies

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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