One of the more bizarre pieces of so-called "unconventional weaponry", the Blunderbuss is less useful in combat and more useful as a support item. Generally inaccurate at anything less than short range, it uses highly controlled low-yield explosives to launch large shells at painfully slow speeds, and the built-in transponder will allow the pilot access to whatever functions the round might have. However, how it gets there isn't important - what matters is that if one of these rounds hit anything, it'll get stuck. Permanently. Effective even in a total vacuum - we don't call it super goo for nothing.
  • Creds: 3000
  • Ammo: Comes with a choice of 3 rounds to begin with. Additional rounds are 2 for 1000 creds.
    • Timed Explosive
    • Proximity Explosive
    • Remote Explosive
    • Flechette bomb
    • Molten shell
    • Tracking system
    • Motion sensor
    • Camera
    • Flare
    • All-purpose Chaff
  • Requirements: None
  • Rolls: Attacker's Maneuverability and Unconventional vs Defender's Durability and Maneuverability

Additional Details

  • Can be aimed in any direction, allowing it to be used as a mine layer
  • Damage dealt (if any is dealt) depends on the ammo type
  • Ammo type can be switched at will mid-flight
  • Linked devices such as the remote detonator have a working range of 2 km

Ammo Types:

Timed Explosive

  • Regular high-explosive charge
  • Can be set for any interval
  • Set it and forget it - you can leave the cockpit and it'll still detonate
  • Cannot be disabled remotely; must be disabled at point-blank range

Proximity Explosive

  • Regular high-explosive charge
  • Detonates if any motion is detected within a few meters
  • Set it and forget it - drop it and it'll worry about the rest
  • Can blow up on allies, but cannot be disabled after activation
  • Takes ten seconds to prime after you drop it

Remote Explosive

  • Regular high-explosive charge
  • Drop it, go where you want (within two kilometers) and blow it up with a button press.
  • Can be disabled remotely via hacks
  • Can be re-scooped to Blunderbuss ammo bay.

Flechette Bomb

  • Low-grade explosive charge that launches a large number of metal darts
  • Works best in an atmosphere
  • Good at punching holes in armor or infantry
  • Punches holes - does not rip, tear, or shred
  • Explodes on impact

Molten Shell

  • High damage, no explosion
  • Powerful propellant system
  • Excellent against heavily armored structures
  • Superheats interior and forcibly injects the molten metal into target, penetrating most armor types
  • Waste of money and time against infantry
  • Needs some room to accelerate and heat up - best at long to medium range

Tracking System

  • Emits encoded, high-powered "ping" to let you know where your target is within 100k kilometers
  • Versatile packaging system includes both sticky casing and backup barbs
  • Small and camouflaged - difficult for the layman to notice
  • Cannot be hacked; one-way use
  • Due to sticky casing, can only be used once

Motion Sensor

  • Attaches magnetically to objects
  • Cannot be hacked; one-way use
  • Small and camouflaged - difficult for the layman to notice
  • Can be set to include or exclude different motion sources
  • Provides heads-up warning on your cockpit monitors if motion is detected
  • Can be scooped to Blunderbuss ammo bay


  • Attaches magnetically to objects
  • Can be hacked
  • Can be scooped to Blunderbuss ammo bay
  • Gyroscopic spherical mounting permits manual orientation in any direction
  • Infrared settings as well as regular visual


  • One use per flare
  • Extremely bright - can't be missed within a dozen kilometers
  • Can double as anti-missile tech in a pinch; burns in the thousands of degrees
  • Sets fires to things
  • Stays lit for several seconds after reaching specified distance

All-purpose Chaff

  • Lays a dense cloud of chaff at the appropriate location
  • Mirror chaff excellent against lasers
  • Works against heat-seeking missiles
  • Clouds vision of motion sensors and cameras
  • Disrupts most non-physical tracking systems
  • Mildly fatal to breathe; usage as hallucinogen not advised

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