Cargo Pod
If you've been around much, you'll know there are damned fools out there absolutely attached to the novelty of their pockets, shoving every little crappy trinket they can find into them. If you're one of those people, this is what you want. The Cargo Pod is pretty simple - a shiny box with a door on it. Think of it as a trunk to your car or some such shit. If you want to follow this mindset and kidnap a teammate, that's fine too. It comes with built-in armor plating, making it slightly less likely to get blown to bits than anything else. Easily reachable by the standard robotic arm, so long as said arm is still intact.
  • Creds: 1000
  • Ammo: Limited to whatever the hell you can manage to shove into it. It's not a TARDIS, you know. Completely empty - we don't fill it for you.
  • Requirements: Goes on one of your ship's two storage mounts. Cannot mount if something is already there.
  • Rolls: None needed

Additional Details

  • Nice and cushy; things in here won't get broken
  • No atmospheric pressure; if something needs an atmosphere, keep it in the cockpit
  • Easily broken into; it's not a safe, dumbass
  • Can be detached from the ship if necessary
  • Armor plating doesn't actually stand up to too much, but is better than nothing

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