So you thought you could get away with stealing a pig? Hell no. You're shacked up with Tartarus now, asshole, and do you know what you get? Fucking balls of fire, that's what. As you step into combat, feel the world come alive as three balls of superheated plasma whirl around you, subject to your every whim. Of course, cool as they look, they're little more potent than shots from a plasma rifle, and you need to keep them in constant motion to stabilize them - they have a tendency to enjoy keeping your limbs company, and require a fair amount of skill to maintain. Good for flinging at enemies and keeping them at bay, and of course looking goddamn awesome. Suddenly you're wondering why you didn't steal a pig even sooner.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: 3 spheres at once, standard
    Total of +4 PSI+Exotic+Agility increases max count to 4 spheres
    Total of +8 PSI+Exotic+Agility increases max count to 6 spheres
    Spheres charge at a rate of two per turn
  • Rolls: Attacker's Exotic and Maneuverability vs Defender's Intuition and Maneuverability

Additional Details

  • Stands for Controlled-Rotation Incendiary Sphere Projector
  • Does not stack; do not attempt to carry two CRISPs at once
  • Typically three spheres of superheated plasma
  • Makes stealth impossible
  • Takes a turn to wind up to three spheres (first turn has two, second turn has three)
  • No multiroll penalties; using all three plasma balls (if firing at once at the same target) counts as a single shot
  • Sphere generation is controlled by two tubes/cylinders, with one held in each hand; each is capable of producing one new plasmaball per turn up to your limit
  • Cylinders connect/split at the base for easy storage
  • Must be kept in constant motion with your willpower in order to maintain its integrity
  • You need not hold the cylinders the entire time and can do other things; they will remain in orbit so long as your willpower remains strong
  • If a sphere's integrity is compromised, it explodes with a small, sharp blast
  • Would be wise not to fall unconscious or go into shock while handling
  • Panic can be survived, but not for very long
  • Plasma balls cannot be "doused" - you must launch them to put them out
  • Ball launch accomplished with a strong, sharp, forward twitch of a hand
  • One fireball per enemy per turn will collide with enemies in melee range

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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