Wanted to be a caveman and were upset we didn't have any clubs? Never fear, we have you covered. While it won't take you back to the caveman days, this weapon is a decent throwback to medieval times for those of you that can't find the business end of a gun. Its primary (and, really, only) advantage over normal ranged weaponry is that you can mix and match multiple ammo types. You could get a sticky tip and a glow bolt to light up a dark ceiling, or a piercing tip and an explosive bolt to make something blow up in a man's gut. The possibilities are staggering, regardless of whether your intelligence is.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: Ammo: Practically infinite. You may choose up to 4 types of tips+bolts. You have to arrange these pre-mission.
  • Tip Types:
    • Sharp
    • Sticky
    • Barbed
    • Syringe
    • Blunt
    • Suction
    • Foam
    • Magnetic
    • Incendiary
  • Bolt Types:
    • Solid
    • Acid-filled
    • Flare
    • Tranquilizer
    • Explosive
    • Cable Reel
    • Teargas
    • Oil
    • Tracker


  • Rolls: attacker's Maneuverability and Unconventional vs defender's Intuition and Speed

Additional Details

  • Limited range; don't try to shoot too far except in absence of gravity
  • Fairly accurate with a skilled hand
  • Takes some time to reload
  • Excellent for specialization
  • No mixing and matching types with teammates

Tip types:


  • Good for piercing soft targets
  • Good at causing damage
  • Comes back out easily
  • Sharp tip can potentially pierce light armor if user is sufficiently skilled


  • Goo tip will stick to almost any surface
  • Specially formulated to work well in a vacuum
  • Not sticky until the tip is punctured via impact
  • Quickly solidifies, locking bolt to all but the smoothest surfaces
  • Won't damage most surfaces


  • Punches a small hole, stops before it goes in all the way
  • Springloaded barbs keep the bolt from falling back out
  • Special alloys keep the bolt in place while under weights of up to half a ton


  • Injects the contents of the bolt (if any) upon impact
  • Permits you to empty the bolt carefully if necessary (and if possible)
  • Needle tip can be removed if desired
  • Excels at penetrating spacesuits and human flesh
  • Will do nothing against even light armor


  • Impacts without dealing much damage to the target structure
  • Rebounds and will bounce away from target


  • Works best in an atmosphere
  • Deals absolutely no damage to target structures
  • Works best against flat surfaces
  • Will almost never let go unless you actually want it to


  • Soft foam tip will keep from damaging target structures
  • Instead of rebounding, will simply fall to the floor where it hits, or stay put
  • Good for if you're having some fun with friends


  • Will cling very tightly to ferromagnetic materials
  • Difficult to get loose without some degree of force
  • Magnet tips can be used with other devices


  • Creates a series of large sparks on impact
  • Can ignite most flammable materials
  • Looks really cool
  • Sounds even cooler

Bolt types:


  • Solid bolt has the weight behind it required to punch through light armor (but still takes a sharp tip to manage)
  • Can be used as scrap if necessary, or as metal for welding
  • Optional wide-capped butt end keeps it from punching completely through a target, instead getting lodged partway


  • Filled with acid. What else needs be said?
  • Acid capable of dissolving most metals, including gold and platinum
  • Likes to eat fingers
  • Glass body shatters on impact
  • Keep these safe


  • Flare can be primed prior to launch if desired
  • If not primed, impact will start it going
  • Bright enough to see across moderate distances
  • Keeps burning for about a minute


  • Sleepytime is good time
  • Doesn't work instantly, but should work fairly quickly against the average-sized human; will take effect toward the end of the turn
  • An overdose of tranq darts will not kill the target
  • Will require multiple darts for larger targets
  • Smaller targets may die instantly
  • If shattered, sprays as disorienting gas instead


  • Bolt contains small liquid explosive charge; detonates on hard stop
  • Deals a lot less damage than a grenade
  • Doesn't work well with foam tips
  • Can be difficult to get the whole bolt to explode inside of someone
  • When it does explode inside of someone, results are instant and gloriously messy

Cable Reel

  • Contains a fine nanowire cable that attaches to your crossbow with a grapple
  • Can be unhooked from the crossbow after launched
  • Doesn't necessarily need to be attached to the crossbow to be shot
  • Will hold your weight and more; multiple shots increase this
  • Will not pull you forwards; this is good: will also not shred you limb from limb or splatter you against your target


  • Only works well in atmosphere
  • Clings and sticks; will burn for hours
  • Completely disables anyone not wearing a spacesuit
  • Target must not be wearing a spacesuit


  • Bolt will shatter on impact
  • Full of liquid with very low viscosity
  • Highly flammable
  • Will coat things


  • Tracking dart functional for up to 5 kilometers
  • Encrypted transmission to escape detection
  • Smaller size keeps it from being noticed for falling out
  • Typically does not work well when the electronics are injected into someone

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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