Defensive Turret
This turret is large, it's heavy, and it's exceedingly useful in tactical situations. One of the few truly defensive weapons we sell, this turret can be set up in any location regardless of gravity. It's good at putting in places you don't want to be, or places you know it's going to get destroyed. If you want to leave it behind, it's really no loss. While it's rather stupid and has trouble hitting fast targets, it will fight to the bitter end for its - and your - survival. In fact, now that I think about it, it's a lot like you. Effectiveness of this turret is based on how well you're able to program it. If you can't program it well, it's going to have trouble hitting anything.
  • Creds: 0 creds
  • Ammo: effectively infinite
  • Requirements: Takes two infantry slots
  • Rolls: attacker's Unconventional and Computer vs defender's Intuition and Speed

Additional Details

  • Sprays out an ungodly quantity of bullets
  • Recoil is also ungodly; do not leave free-floating unless you want to spray everything in existence
  • Sticks to the wall, ceiling, anything you want
  • Takes one turn to scan its environment after being placed
  • Set it up once and it will operate on its own for the rest of the mission
  • Can attack as many enemies as come at it
  • Has trouble with large quantities of enemies and particularly fast enemies
  • Great against light armor
  • Usually not very good against heavy armor unless skillfully placed and programmed

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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