Droppod Carrier
I'm sure you guys wished you could abandon those cheap hunks of scrap and just blast onto the surface paratrooper-style in special drop pods, right? No? Tough luck for you, then. Sometimes an immediate ground presence is beneficial. The Droppod Ship is pretty simple in its functionality and design: it has an autopilot, droppods for each person in a five-member squad, and carries your ships, too. You just tell the autopilot where to go, it drops you off and floats around out of sight. You smash into the ground inside controlled-grav pods, and burst out with guns blazing. I'm sure even idiots like you could figure it out. Later, if you're standing somewhere open and flat, the Droppod Ship can land and pick you up, or remote-pilot your ships to you.
  • Creds: 7000 creds
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: +1 Auxiliary
  • Rolls: All stats

Additional Details

  • Weak armor; keep it away from ground fire
  • Five full drop pods; ship interior is roomy enough to sit across from each other prior to entering pods, and pilot can enter the launch room as well without leaving ship
  • People board through raised canopy
  • Each drop pod is heavily armored and shielded, and equipped with light reverse thrusters and serious impact-dampening stellaplex tech; indestructible except by apocalypse
  • Drop pods can function as full cover after landing
  • Interior of droppods melts after approximately six minutes in the field
  • Features a full ship AI in the personality of your choice
  • Only features two weapons hardpoints instead of four
  • No robotic arms
  • Two auxiliary slots
  • Dual-deck hangar in rear stores your CASKETs until you're ready for them; the AI will remote-pilot your ships to the required coordinates
  • Can potentially manually pilot ships out of hangar, but will require skill

Ingame Example

Ingame Example

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