Emp Grenade
EMP tech is pretty simple, but this is really more a bomb than a grenade. It's an electromagnetic pulse that can make electronics act even more unbalanced than you guys normally do, or even fry it outright. Some things are protected against EMP attacks, but very little is protected against this baby. Dive in towards your target, release the bomb, and get the hell out of there. You really can't go wrong, especially against larger targets.
  • Creds: 2000
  • Ammo: One grenade
  • Requirements: Maneuverability +0; Requires one aft underside storage mount
  • Rolls: Attacker's Unconventional vs Defender's Intuition/Engines

Additional Details

  • Launched dive-bomb style
  • Effective radius 75 meters
  • Causes problems to electronics within 25 meters
  • Explodes after five seconds, or on impact
  • Effective on most small ships and some larger structures

Ingame Example

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