Enhanced Spectrum Cam
This simple camera modification allows you to switch to infrared mode to detect differences in temperature, or x-ray mode to detect … x-rays. Considerably more effective for being a pervert, as you can see beneath clothing with it quite easily – again, though, too bad nobody wears jeans and t-shirts in space. Might occasionally be useful for finding exhaust shafts or avoiding enemies. Also useful for switching to x-ray mode in dusty areas. Mounts near your headlights.
  • Creds: 3000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: None
  • Rolls: None needed

Additional Details

  • Works no matter your skill
  • Can view in infrared
  • Can view x-rays
  • Can view in gamma rays
  • Can view in UV rays
  • Can search for electrical activity
  • Most conventional spaceships tend to be lit up like a Christmas Tree regardless of how stealthy they want to be
  • Always on and runs off your ship's main power
  • Mounted near the front and fragile
  • Can detect cloaked enemies

Ingame Example

Technical Details

Ship: Conventional
Ship: Unconventional
Ship: Exotic
Ship: Auxiliary
Ship: Handiwork
Ship: Robotics
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