Exoskeletal Suit
Though a bit costly, this upgrade will finally give you the strength you've always wanted. The moving parts are kept underneath the outer layer of your suit - the bulky look will make you just seem more muscular. Useful for brutalizing your way through barriers or just impressing the ladies. It will not, however, protect you from incoming weapon fire. The machinery isn't strong perpendicularly to how it's intended to be used.
  • Creds: 4000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: Only 1 upgrade in your suit slot
  • Rolls: Rolls

Additional Details

  • Makes you look… well, stupid
  • But hey! You're really strong now
  • Gives you a +2 to your strength on foot
  • Does not increase your shots-per-turn limit, although you can potentially carry more weaponry
  • Can get damaged by weapon fire, but we'll repair it when you get back

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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