Explosive Gauss Cannon
A specialized railgun that fires detonating rounds with a decent blast radius. If you can imagine something awesome, like a minigun, and then something else awesome, like a dinosaur, this is like putting the two together. With a high rate of fire, excellent accuracy, and a well-documented record of making battle-hardened soldiers squeal like little girls, we're confident you'll find a use for it, even in mundane situations like walking the dog.
  • Creds: 7000
  • Ammo: 5 magazines. Each 5-mag ammo extension costs 1000 creds (restocks post-mission).
  • Requirements: Energy +1
  • Rolls: Attacker's Energy and Conventional vs Defender's Durability and Intuition

Additional Details

  • Very long range - good for gunner support and snipers (approximately 4 kilomters before accuracy falloff)
  • Can fire multimag shots that deals much more damage, but uses up more ammo - each additional magazine requires +1 extra energy to combat the recoil
  • Explosive rounds feed off each others' material; the damage you deal squares with the count of magazines emptied
  • High rate of fire makes firing single rounds impossible
  • Single rounds are mostly useless anyway
  • Absolutely decimates targets, but does not instagib fighters
  • Good for if you really want to wreck some shit but still want something to bring home

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