Exactly what it says on the box. Heavy, unwieldy, flings flames everywhere - or other various vile, volatile substances. While it has many uses, the primary is to simply cause chaos. A lot of fire isn't going to do much harm to a guy in a spacesuit, as I'm sure you know, but it'll definitely screw some other things up. Tends to work a lot better under atmosphere - after all, you are spraying liquids with it, and those don't generally play well with vacuums. They also don't play well with teammates. I'd say to use your best judgement, but we all know how that typically ends.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: Chambered tank with enough fuel for exactly ten one-second bursts. (ten uses)
  • Types:
    • Flame
    • Cryo
    • Concussive
    • Foam
    • Acid
    • Gel
    • Plastic
  • Requirements: Your maximum amount of infantry weapons is limited by your strength.
    +0 Unconventional
    Takes two slots
  • Rolls: attacker's Unconventional + Maneuverability vs defender's Maneuverability + Speed

Additional Details

  • Really hard to miss vertical targets with
  • Fun to use
  • Lots of death and destruction
  • 40 meter range
  • Suicidal at point-blank and often even close-range
  • If you spray it straight up under gravity, I'll reward your allies for leaving your corpse behind

Tank types:

Flame Tank

  • Your standard flamethrower stuff
  • Sets stuff on fire, fuel burns for about thirty seconds
  • Napalm mixture burns even in the absence of an atmosphere

Cryo Tank

  • Really super cold
  • Special liquid helium mixture
  • Will freeze stuff solid
  • Liquid quickly evaporates

Concussive Tank

  • Special mixture remains inert until contact with a solid, then explodes violently
  • Disappears almost instantly, so no mess except for that which you create
  • Good for damaging stuff that won't burn
  • Highly effective against humanoids

Foam Tank

  • Extinguishes fires quickly by separating materials, raising the ignition point and smothering it
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to wipe away
  • Mixture permits bubbles to last a few seconds in a vacuum
  • Lasts a few minutes in an atmosphere

Acid Tank

  • Most certainly not safe to use
  • Will very greatly damage most surfaces
  • Will NOT eat through things like in the movies
  • Excels against thinly armored targets and electrical equipment - and especially spacesuits

Gel Tank

  • Highly slippery, difficult to remove. Ever.
  • Will gradually evaporate under a vacuum, leaving behind a thick residue
  • Good for doing your hair with
  • Transparent unless dried

Plastic Tank

  • Shoots a jet of rapid-cool plastic foam
  • Opaque; good for hiding things
  • Forms into a solid material that can easily hold your weight
  • Expands by many times during the cooling process
  • Can be used to block doorways or help you reach higher ledges
  • Not impenetrable - it's plastic, after all

Ingame Example

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