Typical of Tartarus's acronyms, the FROG doesn't look at all like a frog. Rather, it's a self-replicating nanobiotic organism. We know that's too much for you to handle, so you can just call it a frog anyway. Or a thing, if that's too hard for you to remember. This "thing" responds to your commands and can leap from your CASKET to ships, structures, and even people if you command it. It will then consume a large portion of whatever metal it encounters and build a new copy of itself over the course of several minutes. This new copy will not be under your control, but will continue to leap among ships - allied and enemy alike. The original thing will consider your ship its home, so there's no need to worry about it eating you, but be wary of the replicas. Fortunately, they're easily destroyed, and if they miss a jump, they're not coming back.
  • Creds: 6000
  • Ammo: Comes with a case of two FROGs. Extra cases cost 2000 creds each.
  • Requirements: +1 PSI Unit
    Mounts on one of your ship's weapon mounts
  • Rolls: Attacker's PSI Unit and Exotic vs Defender's Maneuverability and Engines

Additional Details

  • Stands for Fast, Replicating Organomechanical Gadget
  • Has been described as "cute", if "a bit large"
  • Will come back home if it can
  • Doesn't harm biological entities - in fact, reportedly likes to snuggle
  • Original can be dangerous to allies and enemies
  • Replicas are dangerous to allies, enemies, and you
  • Does actually look vaguely like a robotic, blocky frog variant
  • Can jump as far as you want it to; more likely to miss the farther away it is.

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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Ship: Exotic
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Ship: Robotics
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