GAMBIT Dual Laser
Imagine the situation you were in last mission. You've flown boldly into the alien's inner sanctum, and were instantly surrounded by hostiles. You can only get one shot off before they're upon you, but you can't decide between shooting them or your squadmate, who's just spouted off yet another pun. With this weapon, you don't need to. The GAMBIT Dual Laser is capable of automatically targeting up to two enemies at a time within approximately 45 degrees of each other, or firing both at the same target. Get an alien and get your pesky squadmate too.
  • Creds: 5000
  • Ammo: Battery (one free) good for ten single-shots or five dual-shots. Each additional battery costs 1000 creds (restocks post-mission).
  • Requirements: +1 Energy
  • Rolls: Attacker's Energy and Conventional vs Defender's Durability and Intuition

Additional Details

  • Stands for Gimbaled Aft Multi-Barreled Intelligent Turret
  • Dual gimbaled laser can shoot two targets in the same instant
  • Can dual-target for increased damage
  • Can pierce light armor with a double beam if the user is skilled
  • Can single-fire for less energy usage
  • Each beam deals five times the damage of the normal mounted laser at the same speed
  • Turret works best at medium range
  • Deals MUCH more damage than the PION, albeit with much more limited ammo
  • PION is a squishy piece of trash compared to the GAMBIT
  • PION might scratch an itch on the back of an elephant, while the GAMBIT will cut a row of twenty elephants in half in midair while playing a heavy metal version of "God Bless The Queen" on an electric guitar while flying through flaming hoops of death over a shark-infested ocean
  • Screw the PION

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