Gravitic Shotgun
A rather utilitarian weapon originally from Mimir Corporation, the gravitic shotgun is not one that aims to be cool by itself. In yet another ironic twist, this weapon is more for the intelligent fighter than a brawler, despite being called a shotgun. Safe, reliable, and practically impossible to miss with, this small, compact weapon has proved itself time and time again. Instead of you looking like the fool, your enemies do, as they tumble around on the ground in front of you and stab themselves with their own weapons. In a pinch you can use it to launch yourself into the air, but in these use cases you're less intelligent and more retarded and reckless - in other words, exactly what I expect from you morons.
  • Creds: Free
  • Ammo: Recharges; up to two uses per turn
  • Requirements: Your maximum amount of infantry weapons is limited by your strength.
    Takes one infantry slot
    +0 strength
  • Rolls: Does not miss; only works at close range
    Rolls unconventional to use for maneuvering

Additional Details

  • Creates graviton fields directly in front of the "barrel"
  • Does have some level of recoil, but not nearly as much as you would expect
  • Only needs one hand to use
  • Only works at close range - less than five meters
  • Godly level of knockback
  • If fired directly towards a solid, stable surface at less than one meter distance, can utilize this to create a (non-stable) reverse field that launches you into the air (or not air, if there's no air)
  • Maneuvering is tricky, but difficult to utterly fail (+1 bonus to rolls)
  • Launches you up about four meters if aimed straight down
  • Armor? What's that?

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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