Gravity Amp Unit
This works mostly the same way as the mass manipulation amp, except it's not quite as cool. While the mass manipulation lets you manipulate things, this lets you throw them around wildly… which is actually kind of cool, now that I think of it. I suppose you could also use it to let your allies walk on the ceiling, or let them leap to the other side of the room. Those things are pretty cool too. Actually, this thing is probably just a lot cooler than the MMA altogether. Not sure if it's as useful, but hey - you never know.
  • Creds: 0
  • Requirements: +0 Exotic
    Your maximum number of PSI cartridges is limited by your willpower
    Requires a free hand
    Requires a PSI Pack
  • Rolls: Attacker's Willpower and Exotic vs defender's Intuition and Speed

Additional Details

  • Creates a small field of gravity, up to 2 Gs
  • Finicky at times
  • Works well if you need to throw something
  • Can also help put you in zero gravity briefly
  • Good utility amp
  • You can weaponize it if you're clever

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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