Gravity Gun
Thanks to some tech and Anomalous Materials we stole from Mimir Corporation, we've put together a rather powerful prototype weapon. In our first field tests, you idiots thought it was some kind of push-me pull-you gun, and fired it at things two meters away. What the hell, really? It's not even a rocket launcher. It doesn't even look like a rocket launcher. Are your reflexes really that deeply embedded in your psyche? But no, this thing fires a slow-moving bolt that creates an intense gravitational field, pulling things towards the center. For the most part it's not strong enough to kill someone with, but it'll do a great job of knocking people off their feet and pulling them out of cover, and they're not going to feel that great if they're caught in the blast when it explodes.
  • Creds: Free
  • Ammo: None; takes two non-firing turns to recharge after each shot
  • Requirements: Your maximum amount of infantry weapons is limited by your strength.
    Takes up two infantry item slots
  • Rolls: attacker's Unconventional vs defender's Speed

Additional Details

  • Delicate, bulky weapon; unsuited to melee of any type
  • Pretty much no recoil; you only need to be strong enough to carry it
  • Large area of effect over ten meters across; missing is fine
  • Exerts more than one G at the center of the Gaussian field; enemies directly hit get lifted off their feet and carried along unless already under two or more Gs
  • Works best in zero G environments
  • Pulls enemies out of cover easily
  • Bolt moves slowly; gives faster enemies a chance to escape or dodge
  • Basically forces enemies out of cover regardless
  • Can gently warp the path of slower-moving projectiles during travel time , providing a makeshift shield from ballistics
  • Has no limit on the numbers of enemies it can strike; very good against large clumps
  • Upon hitting a solid surface, the bolt explodes, releasing the matter and energy it has collected in an explosive blast that can wound or even kill enemies
  • Armor? What's that?

Ingame Example

As he pulls the trigger, the device beeps, and a deep, powerful whirring starts as something spins up inside the gun, causing it to vibrate and heat up until it's almost hot to the touch; the whir increases rapidly to a whine, and then a shriek - and with a short, sharp burst of recoil, a powerful projectile glides away from the front of the gun at a surprisingly slow speed - only slightly slower than a sprint. The air warps ever so slightly around it; loose paving tiles from the path drift upwards and enter a rapidly swirling vortex around a tiny black sphere, as well as dust and dirt, chunks of moss, tree leaves, twigs and more. A coil of water spools out of the nearby pond as it passes, entering the whirlpool of debris and winding tightly about its center.

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