Grenade Pack
Do you remember, as a child, when you hurled mashed potatoes at the wall just to watch it stick? Now you can continue that pastime as an adult – but careful, because grenades don't tend to stick. We're not going to bother telling you what everything does – you've run with crime before, so you ought to know exactly how all this garbage works already.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: 3 grenades. No reloads until you get back home.
    • Types:
      • EMP grenade
      • Fragmentation grenade
      • Napalm grenade
      • Explosive Grenade
      • Smoke grenade
      • Flash bomb
      • Proximity grenade
      • Sticky grenade (does any damage type you'd like)
      • Flare grenade
  • Requirements: Your maximum amount of infantry weapons is limited by your strength. 3 grenades count as 1 infantry weapon, 6 as 2 etc.
  • Rolls: Attacker's Unconventional vs Defender's Intuition
    For non-combat use, rolls Unconventional

Additional Details

  • Sticky grenade modification is free; causes it to get stuck instead of bounce
  • Can be reattached to grenade bandolier if removed
  • First pack comes with free bandolier that holds up to six grenades
  • Confiscated after mission is over - use them or lose them
  • Damage dealt depends on ammo type
  • Mix and match - you don't have to get all the same type

Grenade types:

EMP Grenade

  • Effective range of about 5 meters
  • Causes issues with electronics within about 15 meters
  • Completely shorts out circuitry, requiring a total reboot
  • Power supply can keep circuitry down for about a minute
  • Four-second fuze
  • Armor? What's that?

Fragmentation Grenade

  • Level 0 damage
  • Effective casualty radius 15 meters
  • Instant fatality radius 5 meters
  • Can damage light body armor at close range
  • Typically ineffective against heavy armor unless it finds a joint
  • Especially effective against biomatter
  • Four-second fuze

Napalm Grenades

  • Utilizes rocket fuel; works well with or without atmosphere
  • Four-second fuze
  • Excellent against armored vehicles
  • Burns at high temperatures
  • Highly flammable
  • Handle with care
  • Level 1 damage
  • Very small destruction radius - requires accuracy
  • Armor? What's that?

Explosive Grenade

  • Ambiguously named. Confuse your friends!
  • Good as a concussion grenade or blast grenade
  • Absolutely lethal underwater
  • Good at pushing things apart
  • Stuns enemies at close range in an atmosphere
  • Doesn't do much in a vacuum
  • Four-second fuze
  • Level -1 damage
  • Lethal within 5 meters
  • Temporarily disables hearing
  • Good against light armor

Smoke Grenade

  • Creates large cloud of dense smoke that confuses most scanners
  • Smoke is absolutely lethal to inhale
  • Sprays out over the course of ten seconds or so
  • Four-second fuze
  • Comes in white, green, red, and yellow versions; defaults to white
  • Armor doesn't factor in

Flash Bomb

  • Temporarily disables hearing
  • Temporarily disables sight
  • Is absolutely lethal at point-blank range
  • Works best if placed near a Shiny Buddha as incense
  • Four-second fuze
  • Armor doesn't factor in

Proximity Grenade

  • Can't be thrown back at you
  • Explodes if movement is detected within three meters after it comes to a complete halt
  • five-meter blast radius
  • Less powerful, but less chance of missing
  • Good for helping you check to see if something's around a corner you don't plan on going around yourself
  • Explodes like a regular frag grenade - tries to be lethal
  • Good against light armor

Flare Grenade

  • Mostly safe! Great in Family Fun Size!
  • Can set things on fire
  • Fumes are fatal to breathe
  • Throws sparks
  • Burns at several thousand degrees
  • Oh, and is visible for a few dozen kilometers, so works well as a flare, too
  • Starts burning as soon as it leaves your hand
  • Lasts for about ten minutes
  • Not good as a weapon

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