Grown Bodypart
Yes, grown. We can grow these things from stem cells, shape them to roughly match the rest of your physique, and then apply them. It's a costly process, but if you're really so attached to your detached limbs, we're sure you'll find it worth the expense. It must be pretty depressing to know that your entire body is only worth 1800 credits, though. Note: Requires you to have at least one human bodypart remaining. Incompatible with aliens.
  • Creds: 300
  • Ammo: One bodypart
  • Requirements: Requirements
  • Rolls: none

Additional Details

  • It's exactly what you started with. Probably.
  • May or may not look exactly like the arm you had before.
  • Young skin regardless of your age; will look weird if you're old.
  • Capable of utilizing painkillers, anti-shock, coagulants and general medical treatment
  • Tougher and more resilient than the weak stock robot parts

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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