Hazard Ejection Enhancement
Ammo may be pretty when it explodes, but it doesn't do much for our research, especially if it's on your ship. The same goes for engines and robotic arms that go awry. This modification effectively allows you to split off virtually any part of your ship without risk of endangering yourself. If your engine is going critical, you can simply jettison it. More than likely to be weaponized at some point, as a nuclear reactor would tend to make a great weapon, if somewhat unreliable.
  • Creds: 5000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: Durability +0
  • Rolls: Auxiliary Skill

Additional Details

  • Your ship literally becomes a reverse jigsaw puzzle
  • Non-ejected pieces seal themselves
  • Ejectable parts include robotic arms, ship bow, ship port, ship starboard, each engine, RCS ports, weaponry, ammo caches
  • Ejecting everything means you aren't going anywhere
  • Ejecting an engine at high speeds can turn it into a makeshift antimatter nuke
  • Base CASKET has ability to eject certain parts, but this is unintended and may have serious consequences

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