Heavy Gauss Cannon
How does one make the gauss rifle more powerful? Triple the size and load it with layered explosive shells tipped with an anomalous alloy to punch very large holes in very angry things. This hulking brute of a cannon ought to be affixed to a destroyer or something, but if your ship can take it, we'll put it on directly with a standard radial mount. As a weapon it is unquestionably effective, but also very ungainly to use because of the weight and recoil. Also, just in case this wasn't clear, don't fire it at close range unless you like plasma-assisted suntans.
  • Creds: 10000
  • Ammo: Two rounds. Each 2-round ammo extension costs 4000 creds (restocks post-mission).
  • Requirements: Energy +2
  • Rolls: Attacker's Energy and Conventional vs Defender's Durability and Intuition

Additional Details

  • Very powerful punch
  • Can knock a hole in just about anything - even the thickest dreadnought armor
  • Standing nearby impact zone may be fatal
  • Accuracy falloff starts at about eight kilometers
  • Will leave smaller ships in tiny fragments
  • Possible to completely destroy multiple small ships in one shot if you line everything up properly
  • A cheap end-all that works on a single target
  • Good for if something absolutely, positively has to die before you go to bed

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