Heavy Suit Armor
Tough as hell? You bet. Turn yourself into a walking tank with this heavy armor and laugh as enemy ships try to grind you into dust. As the bulkiness significantly slows your movement, you won't be able to do too much to them in return, but you can definitely laugh. Requires some degree of strength to handle - the bulkiness of the armor makes you look as strong as some sort of futuristic space marine, and it's not lying.
  • Creds: 4000
  • Ammo: Ammo
  • Requirements: +1 Energy; Only 1 upgrade in your suit slot
  • Rolls: None

Additional Details

  • Heavy-duty armor gives you an armor strength roughly equivalent to that of a CASKET.
  • Lowers your agility and strength by 1 on all rolls.
  • Good for inmates that plan on doing any degree of tanking.
  • Heavy as heck.
  • Looks really damn cool.
  • Don't use it with anything that needs you to be agile, and don't try to dodge.
  • Remember that heavy armor has gaps behind the joints to enable mobility, so you aren't a statue; these are weak points you should protect - an exceptionally good roll WILL HIT YOU, and you're worse at dodging while wearing it
  • Will usually protect you from:
    • Infantry lasers and plasma
    • Ballistic projectiles
    • Shrapnel
    • Most melee weaponry
    • Shotguns
  • Will stop glancing blows from:
    • Gauss weaponry
    • Electron swords and similar
    • Light ship lasers
    • Light ship-based railgun weaponry
  • Will absolutely not stop:
    • Explosives
    • People digging at the gaps in your suit (particularly susceptible to stabbing)
    • Heavy ship weaponry - you'll get toasted faster than you can blink
    • Fire - particularly susceptible to heat
    • Acid
    • PSI weaponry

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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