Hidden Blade Attachment
This modification makes you look like a fucking ninja. It hides a three-meter monoatomic machete inside the robotic arm in question. When activated, you can extend it at fairly devastating velocities. Sharp enough to destroy almost anything, and uses quantum vibrations to assist in its cutting power; if you want a cutting tool that can reliably slice through all but the densest materials, this is the tool for you. Also, did we mention it makes you look like a fucking ninja?
  • Creds: 5000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: Robotics +1; A working robotic arm; does not work with other attachments
  • Rolls: For attacks: Attacker's Maneuverability and Robotics vs Defender's Durability and Maneuverability

  For regular use, rolls Robotics only

Additional Details

  • Makes you look like a fucking ninja
  • Fuck yeah
  • Great at slicing stuff, and will slice just about anything
  • Can slice stuff into very tiny pieces
  • Slice stuff, do it, you know you want to
  • Can't snap because it's retractable
  • No ammo so can be used infinitely
  • Ninjaaaaaaaaa

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