Jump Jet
This is practically ancient technology at this point, but some of you guys wanted it, so here it is. We even slapped a generator on it for you so you can use it infinitely. It won't let you jump tall buildings in a single bound, but it'll definitely let you hop over those medium-sized ones. A single burst is capable of propelling you up to half a kilometer skywards under 1g, and then it'll take a couple minutes to recharge. Keep in mind that if you use up the whole burst, you won't be able to slow down when you come plummeting back towards the earth. In space, it's a good option to get you moving forwards at a rapid clip if you've somehow lost your ship. Can be dangerous if used without appropriate skill.
  • Creds: 2000
  • Ammo: Generator good for up to .5 kilometers of acceleration under 1g; takes 2 turns to recharge if used in this manner
  • Requirements: +0 Aux; takes up your belt slot
  • Rolls: Auxiliary x 2
    Attempting to travel horizontally adds -2 to difficulty
    Attempting to travel near objects (within ten meters) adds -2 to difficulty

Additional Details

  • This thing has a frightening amount of power, particularly in space
  • Has no sensors or controllers to keep you safe
  • Can accelerate you up to 360 km per hour in space - or twice as fast as a CASKET (Doing this would be really stupid of you, though)
  • Using the full 500 meters uses up 100% of your battery capacity and takes two turns to recharge
  • Using 250 meters uses up 67% of your battery capacity and takes one turn to recharge
  • Using 100 meters or less users up 33% of your battery capacity and will be usable the next turn
  • Dangerous and difficult to use if accelerating horizontally under gravity
  • Dangerous and difficult to use if accelerating near objects or surfaces
  • It's a jump pack, not rocket boots; rocket boots come separate
  • Can conceivably slow you down to safe landing speeds if falling under at least one Old Earth Atmosphere

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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