Kiloton Charge
An actual nuclear detonation, because clearly the pseudo-nuke of the one-eighth version wasn't good enough for you. If you purchase this, you clearly have big plans for something - or someone. Chuck it out of your CASKET at high speeds and fly the fuck away. It's nothing classy, but it gets the job done and makes sure there won't be another one anytime soon.
  • Creds: 4000
  • Ammo: Single-use, and then the whole thing is gone.
  • Requirements: Goes on one of your ship's two storage mounts. Cannot mount if something is already there.
  • Rolls: Attacker's Unconventional vs Defender's Engines

Additional Details

  • Can be set to timed or remote detonation
  • Can be chucked forwards dive-bomb style or manually placed
  • Hackable once primed or launched
  • Can be disabled manually on-site
  • 40 - 80 meter fireball (space - air blast)
  • Severe air blast damage within 35 - 280 meters (space - air blast)
  • Thermal radiation radius 75 - 600 meters (space - air blast)
  • Moderate damage within 75 - 700 meters (space - air blast)

Ingame Example

Originally priced at 7 creds.

Ship: Conventional
Ship: Unconventional
Ship: Exotic
Ship: Auxiliary
Ship: Handiwork
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