Kinetic Chakram
This is an old alien weapon we've refurbished. It's kind of like a chakram - a piece of Old Earth's ancient weaponry. For you non-scholarly types - or, all of you - it's a flying disc of spinning fuck-you, but with a twist. It gains energy and momentum every time it bounces against something. Use gravity to bounce it along the floor, or bounce it along the walls, and with every bounce, it gets faster until it nears the enemy. The blades spin out, and it shreds your inferior, squishy bodies like wet tissue paper. Sounds like fun, right? That's the catch. Goof off with it, and I'll give your allies permission to shoot you dead. (And that's why nobody gets it.)
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: Three chakrams
  • Rolls: Attacker's Exotic and Intuition vs defender's Maneuverability and Intuition

Additional Details

  • Metal disc about the size of your head
  • Blades stay tucked in until it nears the enemy
  • Every bounce against a wall, ceiling, or floor increases its momentum by a significant amount
  • On nearing an enemy, the blades spin out to max length and it becomes a whirling sawblade
  • Easily decapitates and removes limbs from even lightly armored foes
  • Delicious, gory fun
  • Nullifies all cover if bounced around it
  • Does not return to you; you have to go get it
  • Lost chakrams will be replaced on return to armory

Ingame Example

Technical Details

Infantry: Conventional
Infantry: Unconventional
Infantry: Exotic
Infantry: Tools
Infantry: Suits
Infantry: Anatomical
Infantry: Standard
Infantry: Drugs
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