Kinetic Gauntlet
You're a man of small brains and big fists. You like to hit things. When you hit things, you're happy. We want to help make you happy. With this thing, you can hit other things and hurt them. That's good. You like to hurt things. When you punch things now, they will be hurt more than if you had just hit them with your fists. If you're good, they might break. We're here to help you break things, and we'll talk in short words so you know what we mean, too. Just try not to hit your own self. We know it can be hard not to. You're not that bright of a guy.
  • Creds: Free
  • Ammo: None
  • Rolls: Attacker's Strength + Unconventional vs defender's Speed + Agility

Additional Details

  • We will use short words for you
  • You can hit things now, with your fists
  • You could do that if you did not have this, but you can do more now with it
  • When you hit a thing, the fist makes it feel like your punch was more strong than it was
  • Can make guys fly off the ground
  • Does not hurt the bones in your hand
  • Fits on your hand like a glove; comes with strong steel guard for your arm
  • You can still hold other things while you use this
  • A good punch can hurt light armor
  • Heavy armor is too strong for your fists
  • Girls don't like this, so don't use it on girls

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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Infantry: Anatomical
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Infantry: Drugs
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